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January 8th, 2017, 6:48 am

I will rewrite this comic in the future, here are the first details

So, recently, this comic turned SIX years old! Yes, around six years ago I posted this comic's first page. I was 13 at the time, now I'm 19 years old. A lot has changed during that time, and I got experience, lots of experience. Well, either way, I worked and still work on this comic for a long period, so obviously it has its ups and downs. Some parts of the comic are good, some are bad... And really, this is expected. So, what? I could either leave it as it is or rewrite the comic to make it better... And if you read the title, you know that, yes, I plan to rewrite this comic! I've already told some people before about this, but for most part it was "hey, I'll remake 20TK in the future", and with no more details than that. This changes now.

Come to think of it. NOTHING save for some few points of the comic was planned when I started it. I wasn't taking it seriously at first. But with time, this comic grew much more than I had originally expected (and it still does!!), and it also became a lot more complex than simply "bunch of kirbies doing stuff". It even drifted away a bit from the Kirby theme, with a more unique story, focus mostly on new characters and a universe that is a bit different from the games. Most chapters have nothing to do with the Kirby universe, for most part. Either way, this means that some parts need some tweaks, some need major changes (and I bet some of you can already think of some examples). I don't really want to finish the comic and leave that be, because I know there's room for improvement.

The thing is... I'm not gonna rewrite this comic as another comic, I'll rewrite it as a novel! In other words, it will be written only. I do plan to include some images or other illustrations, but not many. If you're wondering why, I'll cover that at the end, along with other questions I think you are already asking yourselves.

Either here, first, here are some details on what will change in this rewrite, when I work on it.

Key changes that are about comic as a whole:

- Story is narrated by Gigi, and now she's that, the narrator only, she won't appear in the story itself. Not only I grew tired of author characters after a while, they are usually a comic thing. I probably won't mention she's the narrator on the work itself, so here's some early trivia, I guess.

- Adding the Venture is replaced by a new chapter, where key points still happen (Daisy building her first machine, for example). The crossover just stops making sense by the time I start to rewrite a comic as a novel, sadly.

- I'm gonna change some of the characters' genders BUT it will be mostly changing the pronouns they are referred to. And nothing too drastic, for most part they'll keep the pronouns they already use and have some few extra others, while some will only change to neutral pronouns. There's only one character I'm debating on whether to change them from male to female, but so far it's only a possibility and either way that's the only change from one binary side to another that I'm thinking of doing. The focus of this comic isn't gender identity, reasons why I probably won't go list every characters' genders nor drastically focus on it, but I think it's nice to have more variety in my cast.

-Speaking of which, why the heck did I create that "gender difference" theory? This will completely removed; it wouldn't even make sense anymore with the change I mentioned just before this anyway.

- The kirbies will receive their upgraded Ability designs when these exist. So, Mirror, Bomb, Ninja, Stone, Fighter, Crash. This difference is of course only aesthetic mostly.

- I'll limit and explain better the kirbies' ability to summon Warp Stars.

Possible key changes:

- I'm assuming the cameos will be kept, since all of them were basically made for this comic (unless I'm wrong, but I think they all were), but if anyone for some reason wants their cameo not to be used in this rewrite, let me know and I'll figure out a way to replace them in the story.

- I'm thinking of changing a bit the order of the games in the canon. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and games after that are in the order they are released, but for the early ones it will go like this: Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby Super Star, since KSS in the middle of the whole Dark Matter thing is a bit random, and in this new order the kirbies would first have no Copy Ability hats, then start having them forever. Either way, if this change happens, at the end it won't be too major.

- I might do something about the teams inspired on the Pokémon ones. I probably won't completely remove them, but I might make them less random, or simply leave them as more of a side thing. I'm still debating myself about it, thoughts are welcome too.

Now about each chapter, and stuff...

First of all I'll probably make some sort of prologue, to explain the comic's settings and universe. First so that anyone could read this, even if they don't know Kirby, second because there are some differences between the comic's universe and the actual Kirby universe, not to mention things I added (and I mostly explained those in author comments, which won't exist here). I'll need to be careful here to not overload the reader with new information, so I'm thinking I won't like explain the details of every single game. I'll have to see.

The Meeting: Rewrite some dialogue that isn't the best and maybe add more of the kirbies telling their past experiences. Some characters just didn't get enough backstory during the actual comic, and here it would be a nice idea to add those, but maybe it would be too much; I'm not sure at this point.

Two Revenges in One: Rewrite some dialogue and remove some unnecessary randomness (not all of it, but most of it).

We Are Not Alone...: Rewrite some dialogue and remove some unnecessary randomness. Extend the round up page at the end and completely remove the 100th comic celebration, as that will make no sense for obvious reasons.

Midnight Madness: Rewrite some dialogue and remove some unnecessary randomness.

A Memorable Morning: Some explanations could flow better.

Such a New Life: I don't know really? I guess my biggest problem here would be explaining how the house was redesigned.

The Miraculous Treasures: Remove part of the randomness.

Xiaolin Showdown: Tweak some parts of the battle scenes (like when Xiolain caused an earthquake and dug, well, on like a flying platform thing that is L.I.G.H.T. How does that even work?).

Old Friend, Or New Foe?: You were fun while you lasted, Oppa Kanby Style. Memes die.

(New chapter): Replaces Adding the Venture, the crossover. Key points kept are Daisy building her first machine, Daisy learning the strong Beam move, Larry turning Raven into a piñata, Panee sabotaging the DNA machine with the Ghost Ability, Tim losing a bet against Matt, Yan getting the Katana. I already have an idea of what it will be, but of course I won't spoil you. :)

Team Means Win: Rewrite some dialogue and improve the battle scenes. Change how Special and Unique will justify their existence now, as Kirby won't know that parallel universes exist as he had learned that in the crossover (I already know how, it will be similar but different, it's hard to explain).

Milkshake: Remake the famous rushed ending, showing a lot better Panee being king and growing tired of it. Maybe I'll make the kirbies explore their switched Abilities better too.

Just Like a Butterfly: Rewrite the dialogue of when Kirby tries to convince the alternate XXIs to stop following Marx and all that; show better Marx Jr. (and also the others this time) getting convinced by each one, each time. Maybe give Luz more spotlight when she shows up for the first time.

Ninja'd: The truco game at the beginning was so random because it's a game I didn't even know how it worked, I might replace it with something else. Other than this small detail, I don't know.

Paint Panic: Kaxo's letter doesn't exist, as the crossover never happened; instead, Raven will have some other sort of proof of Larry's insanity.

Inside Out: Possibly make Keedy's and Xiaolin's battle scene longer.

Oh No: I'm thinking of having someone oppose to Keeby's idea of everyone going with Lindroganti better.

Dreamscape: I might change a bit the story Jake tells to Zan.

White Out: I'm not really sure what I would change from this chapter right now, but for some reason I think that when I start rewriting it I'll change it a bit naturally.

Return: I might expand a little more the trainings.

Silence is Golden: Gabi might tell a bit more about herself this time around. Either way, this chapter will probably flow a lot better in written format.

To Be, or Not to Be: Well, honestly, I don't know what I would change from this one.

Dual Destinies: Keep the base the same, but completely rewrite it to make it a better "detective" chapter. I'm honestly considering replaying all Ace Attorney games while taking notes so that I can use them to help rewrite this chapter and make it a lot better. But either way I'll change things from the second half more than from the first.

From Time to Time: Slightly more interactions between the XXIs, mainly for those that, after I reread the chapter, felt a bit too short. Hopefully this chapter in written format won't feel that long either.

Reminiscence: This chapter can flow a lot better in a completely written format, so I might do some tweak or two in the dialogue, but nothing too major.

Every Trick in the Book: I could expand a bit some of Angela's explanations, but I'm not so sure as of right now.

Then there's Only a Matter of Time, that is happening right now, and the future chapters. Of course, only in the future I'll see what I'll change about them.

Here are the questions I think you'll ask me...

"Why a novel instead of a comic?"

There are many reasons why. Probably the main one is that I realized I like to write a lot more than I like to, you know, do the visual part with the sprites. I love writing scripts, but I'm not a big fan of making the comic page itself. You may also notice that most of the comic is focused on dialogue other than stuff like action, so making it completely written makes the most sense to me too.
If I were to rewrite this as a new webcomic, I would also want it to be better visually, so I'd probably want to make it drawn... And, well, you all know that that would take a while, mainly because I don't have a drawing tablet to begin with. Webcomics aren't even supposed to be that long in the first place, or at least I think so.
There's also the thing that I want to learn to describe things in English better; as of right now I'm terrible. It will be a nice learning experience for me too.

"How will you publish it?"

I know fanfic sites exist, but I'm thinking of publishing it on a simple google docs document, that way I'll be pretty flexible with how I'll format the whole thing (like I mentioned, I might put some pictures, for example). But I'm still not sure, so I'll see how it goes. If any of you believe you have a better idea, feel free to suggest it. Of course, whatever what I do, I'll post a link to you guys here in the comic site when I start the rewrite, don't worry.

"How often will you update it?"

I'm not sure, because I still don't know how I'll update it. With comics it's easy and it's per page, but on a written format it could be per chapter or something. Speaking of which...

"How will you divide the story? Chapters? Arcs? Books? What?"

All three, most likely. Chapters are easy, and will reflect the chapters we already have in the comic. Then I might group some chapters into arcs. Books I'm not sure, but they might be related to arcs. I'll have to see. I'm also thinking of the possibility of, maybe, even splitting up the chapter into smaller things, but I'm not sure yet.

"What will happen to the comic itself?"

Of course, when I finish the comic, I'll add a "Completed" status to it, and leave it on Smack Jeeves. And yes, I'll still check the site, to see new comments probably. And I will indeed improve it too, but it's not a rewrite. Remember when I was improving the grammar and stuff from past pages? I will continue doing that while rewriting the comic. It will be different because the comic won't have any changes other than what the characters say, they'll be clearer and make more sense (mainly on the early pages). I might even, this time around, improve a bit the visuals, but mostly zooming in in early pages and making the characters' mouths move (the first half of the comic has their mouths static most of the time, even if they are talking). Just some small changes to make the comic better to be read. I'm aware that there will be people who will prefer the original comic over the rewrite, and that's perfectly okay, and I want to make the comic better for these people too.

"I have something to suggest about the comic, that you could make happen in the rewrite. May I?"

Sure, go ahead. However, don't expect me to do that, I may or may not; it will depend on what you suggest. I'll post more details on how to contact me later in this post, so look for that if you're already thinking of talking to me about something.

"Does this mean you won't work on your other comics?"

As of right now, I have no idea what will happen to Kirby and the Magic Mirror and You Ask, We Reply in the future. I guess you'll all have to wait and see.

"Why are you telling us that already? Couldn't you wait for the comic to finish before announcing this?"

I mean... It's true, I could've waited for the comic to end and then go "hey, I'll remake it guys", but I think it's fair to share it before some reasons.
First, it's an incentive for you to point out mistakes and suggest changes already, and also not to think this is the final product. I'm not sure how the chapters that I haven't posted yet will be, and I really don't want to leave a sour taste in your mouth that whatever I post will never be changed for better. It will! As long as you help me. Sure, I notice mistakes or things I could've done differently myself, but some only came to me when others mentioned about it.
You can also start, right now, to review the comic and what I can improve. You can even go back already and remember everything you've already told me before that I could improve on this comic, if you think I have forgotten (though for most part, I haven't!).
I think it's also because I wouldn't want to, you know, end this comic, and everyone would think "well, 20TK is over forever", to then have me announce the rewrite, if I had this idea all this time.

Either way... That's basically it! And like I mentioned, one of the main reasons I'm already telling you about this is because I want to ask for your help already. If you want to, of course.

If you truly wish for me to rewrite this comic better, you're more than invited to help me! You can either just point me out what you think I could change this comic for better (of course, with a why and how), or you can even have a chat with me, or even do it some other way, either way is fine! You can either comment here or on the pages themselves, do it via PM, send me e-mails (, or message me on Skype (gigi19972012) or Discord (Gigi#6763). Seriously, whatever you do, you'll help me. (unless, of course, you just tell me my comic sucks, then you won't help me, but you're all more mature than that, right?) I believe communication is one of the most important things when it comes to basically anything, and this case isn't any exception.

I have some chapters on the way still, and I'll want opinions about those in the future too, so remember that! In fact, maybe you'll tell me something I could improve and I'll go "well, in a future chapter this will make more sense" or something like that, so really in this case I'll ask for you to wait and see. If, at the end, you don't think it worked, then come back to me and explain how I could've done that better.

Well, that's it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. If you have any comments or suggestions about this whole rewrite thing, I'm all ears, message me!


Gigi19972010, January 11th, 2017, 8:53 pm

avatar I'll add to this post extra changes I decide to make, or things I forgot to list and I remembered, just so that you can keep track.

- Remove the whole Meta Knight having his thoughts listanable to others in Portuguese, because it's weird; either that or I'll change it a bit

- In (New chapter), the format will be similar to Adding the Venture, so one of the things is that Daisy won't be able to fix her machine that caused problems for a reason, and they'll have to find Dedoo. With that, Daisy and Dedoo will meet for the first time in a while at the end as they did originally in the chapter, so that later the two together can build the time travelling machine

- Ice actually had some sort of redesign from KRtDL on, so I guess I'll use that in the rewrite too. In fact, not too long ago I remembered that I drew this, which is sort of a preview of my kirbies with the new designs (except for Mirror, I drew this not too long after KTD was released)

- Speaking of designs, Ninja's new has, you know, the kirby with a katana, and in the comic Yan found one and decided to keep it. Because of this, I'll have to change it a little bit, but I'm not sure exactly how right now

- I know originally I had the XXIs have the powers from KSS(U) only, because I use the sprites from KSSU, which is all fine... Except that Plasma is basically dead in recent Kirby games, and Spark is now basically it. Because of this, maybe I'll change Luke's Ability to Spark (and, you know, Mauricio in the case of the alternate XXIs, and every single time Plasma appeared in the comic will be Spark instead). Not a big change, but I guess a good one if I end up doing it

- You all know that some kirbies have the exact same coloration from the Abilities in KSSU... So I'm thinking of changing them a bit (mostly in shade, you know, for example Clare will still be light blue and purple; if you remember, I already did that when I redesigned Gigi). Again, not a big change, but still necessary. Same thing with Kirsy's feet / cheek color, as it's exactly the same as Kirby's for no good reason

- I really wish I could do this better, but oh well... I know that, for most part, all my characters talk in the same matter (even if I try to make some characters talk more formally, some informally, some middle term... you get the idea), I don't know the right term, but I think you get the idea. I wish I could improve this in the rewrite, but as a non native, it's even harder... I'll have to see about this

- In Oh No, Dana, Leo and Valoo had their "useful" side shown better. I hope that in this rewrite I'll add some small examples, before that chapter, of what I focused the most here. You know, I did do that a bit in the comic itself, but it wasn't that much, and I want that chapter in the rewrite to be more of an emphasis, unlike in the comic were it was mostly a first look, if you get what I'm trying to say

- This is pretty minor, but anyway, you know how in the sprites I use in this comic, Adeleine looks a bit different from her Kirby 64 appearence, like she's a teenager? Well, one could argue that she aged between the events of that game and the comic, but eh, we all know that no Kirby characters have clear signs of aging. So she'll have the same design from Kirby 64 in the rewrite (the Japanese Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter used that same design on a drawing with Adeleine, so it's basically confirmed)

- I'm considering adding an extra chapter about Luke. That was my plan all along, but I couldn't come up with anything more than a pretty basic idea, so I scrapped it. However, looking back, maybe this wasn't the best idea at the end, as, the more I think about it, the more I think Luke needs a more fleshed out personality and more focus. Of course, he'll show up in the future chapters still, but nothing that major; I don't really think at the end you, the readers, will have a good idea overall of his character as a whole. Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see first

- I said I'll do something about the Pokémon inspired teams, but I just have to put Team Skull somewhere. Like, seriously, there's a whole Skull Gang in Kirby Mass Attack, it would be just perfect to have them mirror Team Skull. But how to fit them in the rewrite? Good question! Hopefully I'll find a way

- L.I.G.H.T. will either be simply called Light, you know, its actual name in KAR, or I'll try to make a better acrynoun. "Land Immersed on Glow Hidden from Trouble" is meh, to be honest

- There's a high chance I'll change the title of the comic in the rewrite, but nothing too major! Just from "20 Times Kirby!" to "Twenty Times Kirby". Still the same name, basically, but with the written number I think it looks better; not only that, it will be easier to tell apart the comic from the novel just with the name, or even the acroym (20TK vs TTK).

- I'll really tell this time Zan's powers' limitations. I'm pretty sure some think he's overpowered since he has 3 Abilities, one even being Crash, but that's not the case, his Abilities are weaker than the "normal" ones. I've already mentioned his powers have limitations before too, but I forgot when, and I actually explained how it would be hard to stop and explain that in comic.

- The whole Larry character development will, hopefully be improved. I'll really have to see what will need to be changed when the whole comic is over, but I suspect some things will need work. Let's see.

- The house might be changed: another location, another original layout, but Daisy will still reform it like she did.

Blizzard, January 8th, 2017, 11:19 am

avatar This sounds like a great idea! I can't wait for this novel!

Warpstar, January 8th, 2017, 6:00 pm

avatar You should totally publish it or show it to Nintendo.

Nashew, January 8th, 2017, 6:48 pm

avatar What a novel idea

, January 8th, 2017, 7:14 pm

This is so exciting!

Ultizeta, January 8th, 2017, 7:32 pm

avatar If you're going to take the time to remake the comic as a digital novel and make the kinds of changes you've already mentioned, I only have one recommendation:

Consider omitting the copyrighted content and changing it into something original. I'm not saying that it's bad to have any sort of fanfiction or anything, but this is definitely a large undertaking for something you already have clearly had enough passion for to work on it for several years already.

I'm speaking as someone who can probably relate to you more than anybody else in this particular situation, as I've been working on a similar comic project that I've also considered, not as anything that I would *actually* work on but as a "what if" I were to create a remake of the comic with my newer experience and knowledge of the full story. The big thing that's stuck with me is that, after almost seven straight years of working on the comic, I'm kind of sick of working within the confines of a very specific world and content that I don't own, especially the same exact one. The biggest thing that I've always thought of if I were to actually make any sort of remake of Kirby Adventure would be to completely omit the Kirby and make it my own, original work to share with a broader audience.

So while you may not feel exactly the same way as I do, I do think it would at least be a good idea to consider the potential benefits of being able to work with something that's even more of your own original creation than this fancomic has been. Of course, that isn't to say that there aren't also potential problems with the idea as well, with things like potentially alienating original fans, having to make drastic changes in both backstories development and plot points to accommodate the lack of source context, and other things as well, which is why I'm not just being all "OH THIS IS A GOOD IDEA YOU HAVE TO DO THIS". It's got positives and negatives, so all I'm suggesting is to give it a good consideration.

Either way, I am interested in this idea. Admittedly, part of my biggest criticisms with the comic over the years have been visual things (not all, just some), so the idea of converting the admittedly-already-text-heavy pages into a new solely-written format is an intriguing idea that I think would fit it very well.

Una - mesh (Guest), January 8th, 2017, 7:45 pm

Hey,I'm japanese,so How about translate the comic or novel from english to japanese?Isn't it such a good idea,eh?
(I wanted to post it by my account,but I couldn't log in for unknown reasons XD)

Gigi19972010, January 8th, 2017, 8:42 pm

avatar @Blizzard & @NovaKirby23

Glad you're excited for it!


Considering how Nintendo loves to send cease and desist to fan games that end up becoming too popular, they wouldn't like having me send it, heh. They would probably just ignore it, anyway, fan works are everywhere.


It's actually interesting that you mention this idea, because that's probably the next step I'm taking with this whole comic, story, universe, etc etc after this rewrite I talked about here. You know, "But with time, this comic grew much more than I had originally expected (and it still does!!), and it also became a lot more complex than simply "bunch of kirbies doing stuff". It even drifted away a bit from the Kirby theme, with a more unique story, focus mostly on new characters and a universe that is a bit different from the games. Most chapters have nothing to do with the Kirby universe, for most part."

Yeah, this is a idea I have in mind for a while now (two, three years?). This idea of rewriting the comic removing the Kirby elements and such, on a written format, in fact, came before the one of simply rewriting the comic as, you know, a fanfic. The thing is that, for most part... I want to take things slowly.

First I'm not even sure what will be the outcome of this comic as a whole at the end. Will I like it? Will most people that read it like it? If the answer is yes, the rewrite will help me make it better, fixing some mistakes that already exist, but nothing THAT drastic. If the answer is no, the rewrite will be an opportunity to rewrite and make the comic better, with the whole plot and stuff in my mind already. After that, with a fleshed out story and characters, I can think: "how can I make this story work without the Kirby elements?". I mean, this isn't an easy question to answer, but it's possible... It's just hard. Starting with the fact that most of my characters are KIRBIES.

I have some ideas already on how I could do this, but for most part, it's a dead end right now. Sure, most of the things in the comic aren't heavily tied to the Kirby universe, but some major points are. Not to mention how drastic some changes will be will be hard to decide. Well, as you already said, it won't be easy, so you know... If I have a very solid and good base to make these changes, then I think it can work better, since then I can focus on these changes only, for most part at least.

Hopefully this all makes sense. It's something I've been thinking for a while, not exactly decided if I'll do it or not, but either way that will be on a not so close future. I at least want a better base first, and even if I stop there, it will be something better already.

@Una - mesh

If I knew Japanese, sure, but that's not the case.

Redkirby, January 8th, 2017, 9:46 pm

avatar Sounds interesting. I've been kind of a distant fan of 20xKirby lately but I'll be sure to check it out when it comes out.

20xKirby is a pretty long comic though, so good luck.

Elemental Kirby, January 8th, 2017, 9:48 pm

avatar This is quite a great idea, I'm ready to reread!

Una - mesh (Guest), January 9th, 2017, 2:08 am

Umm...So you don't want me to translate it (or them?)because you can't understand japanese,right?

(Whispering)Only if,but would you mind if I changed XXIs' names to japanese names in japanese edition?

Gigi19972010, January 11th, 2017, 4:29 pm

avatar @Redkirby

Glad you're looking forward to it.

To be fair, it won't be that hard to rewrite such a long comic, since I'll have most things done already and writing is a lot faster than working on the visual part.

@Elemental Kirby

Glad you like the idea. :)

@Una - mesh

I'm kind of curious actually, why do you want it translated to Japanese? I know you said you're Japanese, but it looks like you know English pretty well. Maybe it would just be too much trouble to translate it (heck, I'm not even planning to translate it to my main language, Portuguese).

Una - mesh (Guest), January 12th, 2017, 4:35 am

SINCE 20tk is a very nice comic ,so I want Japanese people to read it.Only this.
(Actually,I thought my English skill will get better by translating,too):D

Kirbyinferno (Guest), January 16th, 2017, 10:40 am

Good luck! I'm doing a similar idea... Kirby fanfic in which he discovers a new ability; it turns out to be permanent...

??? (Guest), April 18th, 2017, 9:59 pm

I'm excited for the rewrite. I just have one question. Can you change the abilities of the XXIs counterparts. The only ones w/ unique abilities are Gabrial and Mary. That is my only request. (And the one w/ the tornado hat.

Gigi19972010, April 19th, 2017, 9:00 pm

avatar @???:

That's actually an interesting idea, but I'll have to think about it first. It does make sense, since I won't be limited to sprites and I could have them have more different abilities, but at the same time I like them the way they are. But who knows?

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