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January 1st, 2017, 10:57 am

Foreshadowing / Unexplained Plot Points and Stuff Masterlist

Reading this comic, you probably know that I really like to use foreshadowing, hint at future events, or simply only explain part of some mysteries. Of course, during the course of this comic, some things I at first didn't explain were explained, but many weren't. With the end of the comic drawing closer and closer, many things I never explained will finally make sense, and I think it's only fair for you to have an idea of what I'll tell you. Of course, you could always reread the whole comic, but with over 800 pages, it's hard to keep track of everything. As such, I reread the whole comic myself and made a list of all pages that have this kind of stuff... And I'm here sharing them with you! However, I won't tell you "so, hey, in this page, this character said this, and soon you'll find out what they meant by that", nor anything similar. I'll link you pages that have something I haven't fully explained, but I won't tell exactly what it is, you'll have to figure out yourselves. Some aren't hard to figure out, some are...
Anyway, from the pages linked next, here's what you should be looking for:

- Questions a character asks, but that were never answered, fully answered or correctly answered
- Something a character says that has a greater meaning than you'd think
- Something a character says and people accept as the truth, when actually it isn't true
- Stories that weren't fully and / or correctly told
- Something a character says that hints on future or even past facts
- Things that happened but were never explained, or were only explained partly
- Hidden details you probably missed
- Crushes and squishes, anyone? :P But really, there are some subtle hints about these, and some are misleading too. Make that of what you will
- Things that were mentioned to have happened, but were never fully explained and are at least a bit important
- Aaand finally, maybe they are just stuff you need to remember they were once mentioned, or that once happened

If something is mentioned twice, I'll only link the first time it was mentioned, unless it's a bit different from the first time.
Not every single thing hinted will be explained for sure in the upcoming chapters, but most will, and the ones who won't aren't THAT important anyway.
And not everything hinted is only a hint. Maybe it's both a hint and something else, like something a character learned that hints on other things...
Maybe I even helped you with whatever I wrote on the author comment of some pages too. Pay attention.
I'm also putting a tip about what you should look for in each chapter, for most part at least, and the number of pages each chapter has with foreshadowing that hasn't been addressed yet and similar.
Feel free to comment here on what you think those mean if you want, and discuss it to others too. It's even more fun when you guess right, or when you look back at an old guess and you go "oh, little did I know...".

So, without further ado, here are the pages. A total of 199!

The Meeting: Tip: N/A, 0 out of 20 pages


Two Revenges in One: Tip: N/A, 0 out of 30 pages


We Are Not Alone...: Tip: Purple and Yellow, 2 out of 50 pages

Midnight Madness: Tip: Words are important, 7 out of 50 pages

A Memorable Morning: Tip: Meta Knight how the heck, 14 out of 30 pages

Such a New Life: Tip: N/A, 0 out of 20 pages


The Miraculous Treasures: Tip: The Miraculous Xiaolin, 6 out of 40 pages

Xiaolin Showdown: Tip: Backstory, 12 out of 30 pages

Old Friend, Or New Foe?: Tip: SPACE, 3 out of 30 pages

Adding the Venture: Tip: infinity, 3 out of 40 pages

Team Means Win: Tip: How unique and special, 18 out of 30 pages

Milkshake: Tip: It's more complicated than you'd think, 6 out of 30 pages

Just Like a Butterfly: Tip: Logic + Time Travel, 20 out of 50 pages

Ninja'd: Tip: book, 2 out of 30 pages

Paint Panic: Tip: N/A, 0 out of 20 pages


Inside Out: Tip: Yellow and Purple, 7 out of 40 pages

Oh No: Tip: Relationships, 9 out of 30 pages

Dreamscape: Tip: mistakes, 1 out of 30 pages

White Out: Tip: clones and Meta Knight, 11 out of 30 pages

Return: Tip: math and relationships, 8 out of 30 pages

Silence is Golden: Tip: huh grace, 8 out of 20 pages

To Be, Or Not Be?: Tip: N/A, 0 out of 20 pages


Dual Destinies: Tip: there are just so many different things here, 11 out of 50 pages

From Time to Time: Tip: timelines, 17 out of 50 pages

Reminiscence: theory or truth, 23 out of 30 pages

Every Trick in the Book: Tip: books bases luz, 11 out of 20 pages

...And that's it. Have fun!


Gigi19972010, January 2nd, 2017, 2:10 pm

avatar Oh yeah, as a side note, the banner and cover also have foreshading... Heh heh heh...

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