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The Great Duel in the Sky - Part 47

December 5th, 2018, 4:51 pm

Average Rating: 5.00
...The what?
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Author's Comments:

Posted by Gigi19972010

creative name

Also for those wondering about where the other characters are, don't worry, they're still around. Some stuff will be cleared up soon if you're curious.

Posted at December 4th, 2018, 8:22 pm

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Posted at November 20th, 2019, 10:47 am

Readers' Comments:

Posted by NegitiveZero

"the magical isohedron!"
....*slowly, sarcastically claps*

Posted at December 5th, 2018, 4:57 pm

Posted by WiispNightmare

If you say it wrong, it will kill you.

Posted at December 5th, 2018, 5:26 pm

Posted by Sudux

Xiaolin may be a villian, but at least he knows his 3-dimensional shapes.

Posted at December 5th, 2018, 5:43 pm

Posted by JackTheBest

Time to play D&D with Kirby and the gang

Posted at December 5th, 2018, 5:44 pm

Posted by Ultizeta

oh boy I sure do love having absolutely no idea where characters are in relation to one another

Posted at December 5th, 2018, 6:38 pm

Posted by Warpstar

Maybe they could have inhaled them or him to get close at least.

Posted at December 5th, 2018, 7:04 pm

Posted by Redkirby

Xiaolin just wanted to make a dice to play DnD with.

Posted at December 5th, 2018, 7:31 pm

Posted by JovanW

Well, this is far from over. That dang Xiaolin. -_-

Posted at December 5th, 2018, 8:23 pm

Posted by GalactaKnightRoolz

Xiaolin told his psychic powers to go faster

Posted at December 6th, 2018, 4:37 am

Posted by Hi (Guest)

It has been two years since I last checked, can someone give me a really long but not too long tldr :P

Posted at December 7th, 2018, 8:57 pm

Posted by Keitoded

You really don't like killing off characters

Posted at December 9th, 2018, 2:00 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010


Yeah. If I have no reason to kill a character I won't kill them, simple.

Posted at December 9th, 2018, 4:52 pm

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