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Every Trick in the Book - Part 20!

December 14th, 2016, 4:53 pm

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Five books...
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Author's Comments:

Posted by Gigi19972010

Aaand with that, Every Trick in the Book ends! A short chapter with so much happening... And, hey, six years of this comic already!
Anyway, you're probably waiting for me to explain the idea behind this chapter... Well, it's a complicated one actually! Let me get started.
To be honest, I don't remember which of these came first, but either way, I had the idea of two chapters: one explaining better the "myths" of this universe (you know, those Seven Bases and stuff), and one that would tell you, the readers, and some of the characters "hey, this pretty important book disappeared". Well, but these ideas are OLD, like from 2012. I kept pushing them forward, until around like last year I really decided to join them and make that chapter one of the last ones of this comic. Why did I decide to join the ideas, and why did I decide to make this chapter only happen at the end? Well, here's when things get a bit more interesting.
At first, my idea of a chapter explaining the myths and stuff would be a chapter called "Xiaolin Chronicles". In case you don't know, that's the name of kind of a sequel to the cartoon Xiaolin Showdown that I referenced back in the chapter with the same name and stuff. But anyway, that chapter would, basically, focus on Xiaolin and the story of the miraculous treasures, along with other stuff, but spoilers. However, I had no idea of what would actually happen in that chapter... Really, the chapter just didn't want to work. That's when I thought of splitting up that chapter into two: one focused on Xiaolin, Xiaolin Chronicles, one in the myths, chapter codenamed "SunCrystal". Guess what? That chapter wouldn't exactly focus on all miraculous treasures, only on the Sun Ring and the Crystal Orb, because reasons. But of course these ideas didn't go that far, and I just mixed the idea of explaining some stuff in the chapter with the book, that simply needed to happen. The book idea wasn't moving forward either, at least not until I decided to use Anny and Angela. But things are complicated, again.
When I decided the thing with Angela and Anny, I still wanted this chapter to happen before the chapter Keeby would leave (I hadn't decided for sure, at the time, that he would do that in Dual Destinies, I was debating possibilities, this was in early 2015), but I figured out it would be better to hold off the chapter a bit. Of course, I also made Dual Destinies happen early (that same year), because I had a possible backup plan related to Keeby, Reminiscence, but you already know that if you read my previous giant author comment. So, at the end, the book chapter, that was later named Every Trick in the Book, was decided to happen close to the last chapters... And here we are!
Okay, so, why did I decide to bring Anny and Angela to said chapter? Well, it was only natural, I just took a while to make the connection. First, Angela is a teacher, so obviously she has to have a library and such, with, duh, books! More complex stuff came after I made this connection. And Anny is here because Angela used to be her teacher, and who better than Anny to pursuit learning new moves? Of course, she couldn't just suddenly want to continue her training, so that's where the nightmares came... It's said dreams reflect what you want indirectly, so... Not to mention Angela would only be able to really explain why Anny can learn some moves easily if she explained the seven bases... Everything had a logical connection and flow! And if you're wondering, Clare is also in this chapter because... She's Clare. Really, curious like she is, would she really see Anny heading "somewhere" and not follow her? It's only natural for her that she would go after her friend.
Anyway, with the idea behind the chapter explained, let's address some things from this chapter: Angela, the Seven Bases, Luz's sudden appearance and the books.
Angela first appeared way back in Midnight Madness as the leader of the Simirror Training Group, but for only one page. Then she appeared shortly in A Memorable Morning, shown with Anny, training her. I don't even remember right now how I created her, but I think it was Simirror + Anny's source + teacher, basically. In fact, her personality is similar to Anny's to an extent. Either way, Angela is detail oriented (reason why she became a teacher, perhaps?), and isn't exactly patient. Eh, you probably know me, I'm not that good with explaining personalities, but I hope this gave you some insight.
...That's it about Angela, really, no secrets here.
About the Seven Bases... Well, there's A LOT to talk about this, but I'll try to keep it simple.
First of all, no, when I decided to put the classical four elements in this comic I hadn't thought of it that much, I just thought it would be cool, along with Xiaolin Showdown influence and stuff. But it didn't take me much time to try to expand it to more, and relate to something I had already thought of before: opposite forces. And with four elements and two opposites, I had the idea of an "origin", light... For multiple reasons, one of them being, at first, that light was both energy and matter (kind of, at least, I'm no physics master). Of course, like I mentioned, this is a rough summary of how I had these ideas, also because explaining some things would be spoilers. BUT either way these seven elements / bases / etc are here, they exist, and I've hinted on stuff related to them before... And, of course, they are important! ...Maybe even more than you think.
Luz... Well, going to be perfectly honest, I wasn't 100% she would appear on this chapter. I had a rough idea of making her appearing, because she's important, this is the last chapter before the final chapters and, yes, I could make her appear without making it have no sense. But I wasn't so sure how to make her appear and not make it look completely random... I knew it would look random, you know, but I wanted to make it not the most random thing ever... Either way, I also wondered if any of you remembered that she existed... She only appeared in Just Like A Butterfly, and very briefly in Return part 27, and you still don't know her deal. I did try to give a hint like "hey, she's important!", when I updated the characters page and put her on "Secondary Characters", unlike basically all other characters that had appeared for so few and done so little in your eyes. Maybe this worked, because, the page before Angela appeared, some people guessed it was Luz. That was when I went "yeah, okay, putting Luz here really will work!", and so I worked on the idea better, and she appeared like that. I can't say much about her, but... She's more important for this whole comic than you think she is right now, that's for sure.
And, finally, these books and this whole library... I also gave hints in the past about them, though not very obviously. And I won't give these away now. But what about this book that disappeared? Of course, this is not important! What happened to it? Can you guess?
And... This is it about the chapter, at least about its contents... Now, I'll talk about its title, then focus on this page, and comment about upcoming things, while also looking at this year.
Figuring out the title for this chapter was different from the others. I always knew I wanted a title with "book" on it somewhere, but I wanted it to be clever. At first, when Robin was first revealed for SSB4, I liked the title of the video, "By Book, Blade and Crest of Flame"... But that had zero meaning and was referring to Robin, so it made zero sense to make that a title of one of my chapters. But you're probably wondering, why the hell am I talking about this? Well, this was when I realized that putting some sort of expression with the work "book" would be great. Okay, don't ask me exactly how this gave me that idea. Anyway, I literally googled "expressions with book", and I looked at some. Most, of course, were meaningless or would never work for a title of a chapter, but "use every trick in the book" sounded cool and made sense in the context of the chapter (see the title drop Angela made in this page). I decided to remove the verb to make it better, and so "every trick in the book" came to be. I liked it, also because for the first half of the chapter, I bet you were "why the heck is the chapter called that?", something that the past few chapters probably didn't make you think (or, actually, most chapters of this comic).
About this page... Oh boy...
First of all, this year my finals weren't very kind to me, and were all spread around weeks. One this week, and this other... And my last one was last week, Thursday. And only then I started the drawings of this page. Even then, I'll admit I slacked a bit, you know, with Pokémon Sun and stuff, but I was working on the sketches of the drawings. But only yesterday I scanned them, after having tracing them all a day before that. Yup, that's right, I only started working with these drawings digitally yesterday. Fun stuff!
Yesterday was the coloring and most of the shading. Today I finished the shading and did some tweaks. Luckily, I was kind of inspired with the shading, and it isn't extremely awful (at least, I think so). And this is interesting because I had never drawn a Simirror before... Well, I don't know what happened, but it worked, so I'm more than happy.
And, so, with the bulk of this comment done, I want to recap this year, in terms of chapters and stuff.
This was the first year that I posted 100 pages instead of 150 like all other years. As such, less things happened between one anniversary and another, and there were also only three chapters: From Time to Time, Reminiscence and Every Trick in the Book. They were all pretty delicate chapters on their own ways. I've already talked about the first two in the previous giant author comment, so I won't repeat myself. But either way, these three chapters all introduced important but confusing facts to you, both the characters and readers. FTtT brought back the alternate XXIs, but who, how, and why? Remi brought facts about Keeby, but nothing about him was decided for sure. ETitB introduced you these "Seven Bases" thing, and what's the deal with this book? Well, yeah, that's a lot of stuff you want to know the answers... And the thing is, you're pretty close to finding them out.
These chapters felt like they had to happen close to the end, mostly because lots of important things were partly revealed, and you need to remember them. Of course, not all of you will remember, and not even everything, but it made the most sense to me, if you can understand my idea. Either way... Let's talk about the future now.
I kept saying this was the last chapter of the pre-end, and this is true. From now on, all chapters will lead to the end of the comic. The next chapter, the first of the end, will be the less obvious in a sense of "how will these things lead to a conclusion of this whole comic?", but will give you the final hints and foreshadowing I can give, maybe some sort of recap too, and *spoilers* will happen. Then things will start getting pretty serious, and you'll probably realize I'm crazier than you think I am. Probably. I would really like to say more, but, you know, spoilers!
Anyway, I liked working on these chapters, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure they weren't amazing by any means. And I know some of you are frustrated, but these chapters are the kind of chapters that are pretty fun to read on a reread of the comic, as you'll understand them better. At least, I hope so.
Either way... Woah, six years of this comic! It has been a blast working on this comic, and seeing now that I'm reaching its final stages is kind of sad, but it was bound to happen. I'm really trying my hardest to make these last chapters good and not disappointing, so I guess we'll have to see how it turns out. If it makes you happy, lots and lots of mysteries will be revealed, yes, including the major ones I hinted in these three chapters from this year. Not every single secret of mystery of this whole universe I created will be revealed, of course, but you'll get plenty of reveals. It has been a while since I really showed a plot twist on this comic, and many are on their way... So get ready!
Thanks a lot, you all, for keeping reading the comic! It's incredible to see all of you reading it and enjoying it. Here's for the next year!

Posted at December 14th, 2016, 3:58 pm

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Posted at May 22nd, 2019, 3:07 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010

By the way, this is something unrelated to the page and anniversary, so I'm posting it as a separeted comment.

Anyway, I had planned on posting something I'll do about this comic today, but I couldn't finish it. Instead, I'll try to post about it later this month. I won't tell what it is, though... Stay tuned!

Posted at December 14th, 2016, 4:00 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010

I almost forgot, next update will be next Wednesday, since this weekend I'll be pretty busy. See you then!

Posted at December 14th, 2016, 5:24 pm

Readers' Comments:

Posted by Warpstar

Xiaolin Chronicles wasn't really that good, Disney XD messed it up.(Seriously, Fist of the Iron Bear? Shroud of Monster Camo?)

I wouldn't exactly call this and adventure, more like a reveal.

I'll sure miss this comic when it's over though. I actually discovered it during Xiaolin Showdown but didn't exactly realize it.

Posted at December 14th, 2016, 5:30 pm

Posted by PhoenixFurno

This has Xiaolin writen ALL over it!

Posted at December 14th, 2016, 5:43 pm

Posted by KirbyFighterDeluxe

dangit why is 4 always the number that kills everyone

Posted at December 14th, 2016, 7:16 pm

Nova Ozuka
Posted by Nova Ozuka

I actually don't see Luz as the most random thing ever. That would probably be Dark Matter if it showed up instead.

Posted at December 14th, 2016, 7:26 pm

Posted by Nashew

title drop

Posted at December 14th, 2016, 9:02 pm

Three things.

First: Nice drawing!
Second: Happy anniversary!
Third: I saw in your giant comment you said "one of the last chapters in the comic." Is 20xKirby really coming to an end?

Posted at December 15th, 2016, 5:34 am

Posted by WaddleDee9 (Guest)

I think my eyes are bleeding from reading that, but it was worth it. I can't wait to see what twists you have in store!

Posted at December 15th, 2016, 7:37 am

Posted by WaddleDee9 (Guest)

@WaddleDee9: Also I belive that possibly this poppy sir will come in the futere.

Posted at December 15th, 2016, 7:38 am

Posted by Gigi19972010

I never replied to these comments, whoops.


Yeah, Xiaolin Chronicles isn't that great, unfortunately. I heard they had to rename the Shen Gong Wu because the original ones were copyrighted or something...? I don't know anymore.

Yeah, I probably shouldn't have said this chapter was adventure. The only "adventure" part was when Anny and Clare headed to Bubbly Clouds, I guess.

I'll kind of do something when this comic ends, so maybe you won't exactly miss it... Stay tuned.

@Nova Ozuka:

Well, that's good then, because she hasn't appeared much because of reasons, and I just don't want you to forget her.


Double thanks!

Yes, this comic is on its way to its end now. But it won't end that fast, I'm guessing I'll take two years (and around 200 more pages) to finish this comic.


Hahaha. And I hope you'll like my crazy twists to come. :)

Posted at December 27th, 2016, 7:25 am

Posted by Sudux

Xiaolin stole the book because he wants to take advantage of the elements again.

Posted at May 3rd, 2018, 8:37 pm

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