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Oh No - Part 30

September 8th, 2014, 3:14 pm

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Oh man, what? I'm so confused right now...
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Author's Comments:

Posted by Gigi19972010

Oh no, Oh No ended!

...I'm so funny, aren't I?
Anyway, here ends this chapter. Like I always do, I'll make those comments, while some of you guys will read it and some won't. But here goes!
Remember that in the first page I said I wouldn't explain what this chapter was exactly about? Well, the reason for that is that, if I said it, you'd be able to predict so many things. For example, Dana, Leo and Valoo staying, Galacta and Meta appearing...
Yeah, the chapter was focused on these five, but the kirbies for one reason, and the knights for another. Let me explain that by telling you how the idea of this chapter was born.
One day, I simply figured out that having my most "useless" characters having to rescue all others would be an amusing experience. No, really, that was it! And then I tried to figure out what my most "useless" characters are. Well, you already know that answer: Dana, Leo and Valoo. Dana is scared of everything, Leo is really slow and never understands what's happening around him, and Valoo just sleeps and eats.
You might be thinking "Wow, how cruel of you, calling those characters useless!", but yeah, that's how I thought of it at first. Later I realized why they looked useless and how I could fix that, at least somewhat. But well, that I'll explain later.
With that idea in mind, my next step was thinking of who would capture the other kirbies. At first, I don't even remember why, but I thought of Dark Nebula. Yeah. I had some ideas of why he would do that, but in the end I realized that would be really weird. No, I'm not going to tell them. So, huh, while I was leaving that idea away, I thought of another chapter idea, one involving Galacta Knight. I realized at first that he would need to take revenge upon Lindroganti, because of The True Arena thing, and that was it. I figured out he would capture Drogan, then I realized... I could join those two chapters! GK would capture Drogan and the other kirbies, then Dana, Leo and Valoo would need to save them. Perfect!
But well, at that point, my idea of the rescue would be mostly humor-based. For example, the three kirbies would do silly things, and those silly things would be able to defeat Galacta. Huh, I don't know if you get the idea, but that's what I had in mind at first. The problem? Well, first of all, it's Galacta Knight. It would be extremely out of character for him to be defeated like by luck. And second, the three kirbies would still be seen as useless, they were lucky, and that's all. That's why I tried to think of something else.
Honestly, when I started planning the chapter, I wasn't sure what to do. However, soon I figured out the kirbies wouldn't need to defeat GK to actually save the kirbies... So, soon after, Meta Knight came to my mind, and bam, everything came to light! ...Well, not really yet. At first I thought of the kibies like finding some key while MK was fighting GK and that's it, but that would be so anticlimactic and I thought it wouldn't really fit my goal. Again, what would the other kirbies do? So, only when I actually wrote the planning I thought of Leo having the idea of heating up something, then Valoo smacking that something, and Dana cooling up that something so that Valoo could smack it again. I'd be able to put Leo's sparks of intelligence in evidence this time! Oh, and you're wondering why I wrote "something" instead of "ceiling"? That's because at first, I thought of everything like that, but with a wall. But hey, if you look back at the cage sprite... The walls are like one pixel wide. So no, lol, that wouldn't be physically possible. Whatever, I think the ceiling worked better.
The Kirby Convention, Meta Knight and Galacta Knight's dialogue, all wasn't part of my original plan, they only came when I wrote the planning. If you're wondering, yes, I usually have like 95% of the idea of a plot before I write the planning. The Kirby Convention was sort of an excuse for all kirbies to be there, but it was also good to show more of the kirbies past and stuff. GK and MK's dialogue... Well, after I explain the character development in this chapter, I'll explain the PLOT development, I honestly haven't done that like that in while.
So, huh, character development! As you know, Dana, Leo and Valoo were the "targets" this time. You know I usually get the kirbies along with their groups or other kirbies they interact with. For instance, Team Means Win had Matt, Natty and Tim, Ninja'd had Percy and Yan, Paint Panic had Larry and Raven. But this time, nope, I didn't do that. You know why? Those three characters had the same problem: the core of their personalities. If you look to all my other characters, all have positive and negative traits. These three, however... Only negative. You don't believe me? Dana is scared of everything, I said. She makes mountains out of molehills, I said. She's obsessed by her parasol, I said. Leo is even easier to figure out: slow thinking, stupid and dependent. Valoo? Would you like to be sleepy, hungry and lazy all the time? Really, c'mon, you guys wouldn't like to be like them. Where are their positive traits? Hmm, none. Right?
At least, wrong from what they should be. You can consider it right when you look back, and see nothing shown in the comic that makes them look useful. You know what they were? Characters made for comedy only. Underline that only. Bold that only. Characters made of comedy only: extremely simple personality, mostly negative traits, makes people laugh, and that's it. You agree with me, right? But wait, am I making this comic for comedy ONLY? Nope. Not at all. What gives?
Sure, it would be ok to have some characters like that. Look at Kanby, for instance. But hey, I don't want to have my main characters look bland, unrealistic, and useless. That's why I decided to work on these characters, and give them some positive traits.
Of course, I couldn't just completely change their personalities. I looked back to earlier pages to see what other things I had already done to their personalities, and also tried to come up with other new stuff, but keeping their original personality pretty much intact. Then, I came up with some basic traits, really. Dana cares a lot about others, even though sometimes she might get too scared to actually show that. Also, it's not that she's scared of everything, she gets scared really easily. Leo has his sparks of intelligence, and he's not exactly slow and dumb all the time. Valoo won't be hungry and sleepy all the time, and when he's not he might be a little lazy but if he sees need to act, he will. So, yeah. Of course, this all a summary of what I developed, but that's about it.
I don't know if you realized, but I tried to add these traits mixed with the ones you know, during the whole chapter. I did this mostly to show that I'm not changing completely their personalities, I'm just improving them.
So, huh, that's about it about the character development. I think my biggest goal now will be keeping that in the future, mainly because what I showed of new in this chapter isn't that common for the characters to act.
Anyway, now you may think... What's the deal with this plot development, involving Meta and Galacta Knight? Well, long story short, it has to do with their dialogues. Then you look at me and say "Yeah, but I couldn't understand a thing of what they were saying.". You know what I answer? "Good!".
Yes, I do.
You know why? You know those stories that a first read is something, and a second read is something completely different? Well, it works the same here too. One day you'll go back to these dialogues and go "OHHHHH. So THAT is what they were talking about!". Trust me, it will be cool. At least, I like that, sorry if you don't.
Also, this was a time to bring GK to the comic for the first time! He's important to the plot, you'll understand some day. And yeah, the plot! Let me talk a little bit about it.
If you simply read the comic description, you'll think that the main plot of this comic has ended. After all, Kirby wanted to know what those 20 kirbies were, and he already knows since some time ago. Well, that is true, but that's not all that the plot is about. The plot is much more than that. But, right now, this is like the middle of the comic: after giving an intro (the first 200 pages), I explore more the characters and some plot points, so that at the end everything can come to an end. So yeah, sorry, I'll have to be like Meta, if you want the answers to most of these questions, you'll have to wait for the end of the comic. But trust me, the wait will be worth it. I just can't tell the stuff right now. Just reread the comic description, see if there's something fishy about it, and maybe you'll know what I'm talking about.
Now just something short about the relationship between Meta and Galacta. As you may have noticed, they have some sort of relationship that's not simply "I know who you are". What exactly that relationship is, I'll let for you guys to think. They know each other since long time ago, that's what you know right now, so deduce!
And oh yeah, before I forget, the title of this chapter! "Oh No" was pretty much a reference to the kirbies being captured, then Galacta Knight showing up, and then the three kirbies having to rescue them. There's not much behind it, really, it's one of the titles of this comic that isn't that complex.
Sooo, now a small comment about this page. Yes, that's Meta thinking... I wonder what that could mean?
And with that, I think I'm done with this comment. There wasn't much to say about this chapter, really, at least when compared to others... Working on this chapter was sorta neutral for me all the time, and honestly I have no clue why. But still, this one was fun to work on. Now you want to know what's next? Well, this year is chapter development year! Next chapter is again for character development... Let's see what you guys will think of that. Anyway, thanks once again for reading the comic, next chapter, go!

Posted at September 8th, 2014, 3:14 pm

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Readers' Comments:

Posted by Luigi_96

AUGH wall of text again... D:

Will read later.
For now, MYSTERY~!

Posted at September 8th, 2014, 3:25 pm

Posted by Jarkes

Continuity error in the last panel: Meta's thoughts are supposed to be in Portuguese. Or was that intentional?

Posted at September 8th, 2014, 4:06 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010


"Sooo, now a small comment about this page. Yes, that's Meta thinking... I wonder what that could mean?"
In other words, yes that's intentional. :>

Posted at September 8th, 2014, 4:08 pm

Kevin The Kirby
Posted by Kevin The Kirby

I wonder what meta knight did.....

Posted at September 8th, 2014, 4:56 pm

Posted by GraciaWarrior

I wonder wat is chapter next?

Posted at September 9th, 2014, 2:46 am

Posted by Extremmefan

@Gigi19972010: Gigi... Always posting comics while I either sleep or study...
Also, Complicated Wall of Text, F***! (C.W.T.F.)

Posted at September 9th, 2014, 5:21 am

Posted by 1997Cjones

@Gigi19972010: I've never been in so much oblivion in my life as this chapter has put me.

Posted at September 10th, 2014, 7:26 am

Posted by Guest

I think you should put the character galacta knight now Gigi

Posted at September 10th, 2014, 7:22 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010


I always update around the same time. If in your time zone it's when you're sleeping, I'll always update around that time.


Hey cool to know, thanks.


Once I guess less busy with everything, I will, as well as add some other characters.

Posted at September 10th, 2014, 8:33 pm

Posted by Sudux


Oh No is over??...

...oh no!

Posted at April 26th, 2018, 11:23 pm

Posted by KirbyStar7


My friend and I play Pokémon, and I caught everything she failed to catch!

Posted at May 14th, 2018, 4:05 pm

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