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Inside Out - Part 40

July 4th, 2014, 4:53 pm

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Author's Comments:

Posted by Gigi19972010

Inside Out ends!

Woah, this chapter was different...
As a mix up of the contest chapter winner with an old chapter idea of mine... Well, what would you expect?
Anyway, here in this giant comment I'll focus more on the ideas I had for this chapter... As for why exactly Alienoid won, and stuff more related to the contest, you can check in a news post here: Now as for the origin of my part of this chapter...
Heck, one day I was somewhere, when suddenly I had the weirdest plot idea for 20TK ever: what if Kirby absorbed his clones, by touching them? But really, absorbing. Kirby would touch one of them, and bang, they would literally disappear, because all their atoms would be absorbed by Kirby's body...
Yes, this may sound really weird, but really, who ever thought of that? I liked that idea for being interesting... And I was really thinking of keeping it exactly like that. After all, who would not panic after touching someone and them disappearing? Also, who would think Kirby was actually absorbing them? Anyway, then I figured out Kirby would absorb everyone, he would faint because there were actually 20 bodies inside his own (actually not faint, more like freak out... I really didn't know exactly what), Keeby and Kirsy would be the ones to try to help Kirby... Then I found a dead end. Heck, how in the world would they revert that weird body-absorbing thing? I had no clue. And until today, I have no clue. Unless it was some sort of deus ex machina, but really, deus ex machinas are usually used as jokes, and when they aren't, well, they just show that the author is lazy. The best I thought was they going after the bad guy who did it and beating them, but what for?
This all was even before I came up with Xiaolin Showdown. Yes. And guess what? After I finished Xiaolin Showdown, I realized Xiaolin could be behind all this. Not Panee, because I couldn't picture him doing that for some reason (also Panee could be backfired by touching Kirby, lol). But still, I had that same problem as how to revert the situation. I gave up on this plot idea at this point. All I created after putting Xiaolin behind was the "bit of everything" that Kirby would say to Xiaolin and he would do that, literally putting a bit of everything inside Kirby, like his own clones.
So, I left that plot idea for a while... Then I don't know exactly the order, or even if it all happened at the same time, but...
After seeing the whole "going inside Kirby's mind" thing in Alienoid's plot, remembering how Xiaolin was supposed to be behind the absorbing-bodies thing, and how I was lost with that idea...
I could make Kirby absorb his clones' minds... Then to fix that, they would have Byoki to go inside his mind... Then I could figure out the rest... At least I had a lead!
This was a good idea... But it had lots of problems behind it...
At first, I didn't want to change "bodies" to "minds". Having the kirbies disappear sounded so cool! If Kirby absorbed their minds... They would only faint! Oh, stubborn me. Making this more complicated just because it sounds "cooler" doesn't work most of the time. Unless I knew how to fix the whole thing, if it was actually Kirby absorbing the whole bodies, then sure, but no, I had no idea! The minds thing was what actually helped me with a lead. So yeah, I took some time to give up on my original idea. Right now, I'm glad I did. It made everything better.
But then, the second problem... The contest. That idea was brilliant for me, but what about the plot that Alienoid sent? I would change it? And I said I wouldn't change ANY entry of the contest! And, even if I used the going inside Kirby's mind idea, but didn't pick Alienoid as the winner... That would be stealing his idea, don't you agree? Also, who else would put someone inside Kirby's mind? I would have to create a character just for it? Huh, no, I had to use Alienoid's plot... And make him the winner.
So, that was the whole thing that I had to change the winner plot a little. If Alienoid had said he didn't want his plot to change... I don't know what I'd do... Seriously.
Anyway, he said yes... That was a relief for me. Actually, not much. I would be still changing his idea... Huh, here is something more personal from me.
I actually felt really bad for having to change the plot. Honestly, I wasn't 100% satisfied with ANY entry, plot-wise. No, it's not anyone's fault. It's my fault. After doing this contest, I figured out I don't like people giving me a set plot idea and saying "Do it.". At least, not in this comic. That's probably even why I linked the one that won with one of my own ideas, even without wanting. So, yeah, sorry Alienoid for changing your plot... Really, I'm really sorry. However, I figured out it would be much better for me to do something I liked other than something I was obligated to do. Yes, I created this contest, and maybe this whole thing was my fault... But let's say this, the winner actually helped me... Indirectly. Really, I'm sorry Alienoid. I'm sure you'd like better to see the plot as you sent, but... I'm an idiot.
...But I almost forgot, that's not the only reason why I decided to change this plot.
When saying I needed to change the plot for the first time, I said the idea Alienoid sent was similar to two future chapters. Actually, it was like this: the beginning of the solution for the problem (going inside Kirby's mind) was what linked his plot to the plot that eventually became this chapter I just finished. Some other fact that I'm not going to really point out was something that's gonna happen in a future chapter (which will probably be this year, still). So yes, Alienoid's original idea was a mix up of two chapter ideas I already had. However, the one that today is Inside Out could only be completed with part of Alienoid's plot... Like I explained, even if I kept the mind-absorbing thing, how would I put the going-inside-Kirby's-mind without using Alienoid's plot...? Then I figured out he had to win, but I'd need to change the plot a little... And I'm starting to repeat things.
Alright, I guess that's it about why I changed the plot, how I linked the two ideas... But then, what did I do after that?
Right now I don't remember exactly the order I had the ideas, but this all came together: figuring out that Xiaolin would want to stop Byoki, then that someone would need to stop him, then that I needed Kirby's Epic Yarn to happen in the comic... Then I thought, Keedy! Keedy would be perfect.
Having Kirby to return from the whole KEY thing in the beginning of the chapter would attract Keedy... Then he could take care of Kirby while Keeby and Kirsy were after Byoki... Then he would not enter Kirby's mind... Then he would be even able to stop Xiaolin! I liked the idea. And I thought I need to use those other kirbies more anyway, so why not bring Keedy?
And, at first, I didn't even think of Keedy getting Xiaolin's powers... Because (now I remembered!) when I added Keedy at first I hadn't even thought of Xiaolin wanting to stop Byoki. Only when I figured out that doing this would be extremely convenient for Xiaolin to get rid of 23 kirbies at the same time that I decided to do it. Then he would stumble upon Keedy... And Keedy would do anything to stop him, and protect his hero, copying Xiaolin's powers...
If you're wondering, yes, I had never thought of other kirby copying Xiaolin's powers other than Panee in Xiaolin Showdown. But then I figured out there nothing such as a "Psychic" Copy Ability, so I guess there's nothing wrong with any kirby being able to copy it.
And speaking of Xiaolin's powers... I was finally able to show them more! And if you're wondering why I suddenly had Xiaolin to start using his powers, well, this was planned since the beginning, since I created him. Character development! I can't just have a villain who does nothing. Xiaolin did nothing before Xiaolin Showdown. Guess why? He hated his powers! He only used them in order to get other powers... After he failed, I would either have a villain that does nothing, or I could just make him start to like his powers and try to do different stuff. At first I thought of making him start using his powers because he would realize not using them just because he hates them is extremely stupid, but then I figured out Xiaolin by himself would never think of this. That's why I had Special to knock some sense into him. Xiaolin is pretty much a loner, so who would tell him that? And if you still wonder why exactly Special did that, well, I'll have to leave that for another moment...
Also, KEY happened because it's has been a while since I last put a Kirby game in the comic... Three years for us, a bit more than a year comic-time-wise. And it wasn't the focus because 1- focusing a chapter on a game without making it EXTREMELY creative, different and important for the comic is a complete waste of time 2- how would I even make this chapter without making thousands of custom sprites? 3- I'm not a big fan of KEY. So yeah, it happened, the same as the actual game. Mass Attack, Return to Dream and Triple Deluxe might happen before I finish this comic, but I'm pretty certain I won't focus on any of them. Unless I have some amazing chapter idea, which I think that won't happen.
One other thing... Did you see the deal with Keeby? Well, I realized that having a chapter with a game involved would end up showing Keeby's jealous side. Every single thing involving Kirby, he would complain about. This was obviously more obvious in the beginning of the chapter and at the end, because during the middle Keeby pretty much forgot everything and decided to deal with it. As you can see, Keeby can become mad about this all, yes, but he can pretty much forget it for a while. He's used to it... But when he's complaining, who tries to make him stop? Kirsy. I also decided to show a bit more of Kirsy... And her point of view from outside. After all, Kirby will be happy to be treated as a hero, and Keeby will be jealous of Kirby... But who is right and who is wrong? Without someone else's point of view, we can't know much who is right or wrong... Though, as I hope you realized, I'm trying to make Kirsy only like dig for more information, not like "wow you're wrong stop that you make no sense", and you guys can decide if you think Kirby is right, or if Keeby is right, or if they're both right, or if they're both wrong... And oh yeah, with that, I also showed more Keeby and Kirsy's relationship... As I think Kirby was always the one that had a clearer relationship with Keeby and Kirsy.
Oh yeah, and last thing, the chapter name. At first, when I had the body-absorbing idea, "Existential Crisis" came to my mind, though, right now, I'm not sure if it would really fit... Well, at least, it sounded like a cool name. However, when I changed bodies to minds, that name would NEVER make any sense. Maybe it could, about Kirby having other minds inside his own, but really... It just couldn't work as well. So I suddenly thought of "Inside Out", simply at first because I wanted something related to "the inside of Kirby's mind", and I remembered that "inside out" existed. Right now I'm not quite sure if you get the meaning. It's not meant to be understood as the expression, it's made to be more like of an antithesis, with inside and out. Inside because of how Kirby absorbed the minds and Keeby and Kirsy had to go inside his mind. Out because of how Keedy and Byoki were outside, and how Xiaolin tried to disturb what was happening inside Kirby's mind... In short, it's a relationship between the inside and the outside... Well, I guess you know now what the title was actually supposed to be. And you want to know some useless trivia? In Portuguese, "inside out" is translated as "do avesso". Similarly, there's an expression that is "às avessas", which in English could be translated as "topsy-turvy"... You don't know what I'm getting with this? When I first thought of the title, I really believed that "inside out" could also mean "topsy-turvy", and that's even one of the reasons I stick with that title. However, I later figured out it wasn't true... But if it were, it could be a perfect title! Heck, "Inside Out" would mean what I've already told you, and could even reference the mess that happened in the beginning with Kirby making everyone faint, not to mention everything of "weird" that happened, like Xiaolin being involved, the whole thing of going inside Kirby's mind... Oh well, it's really a shame languages can't always be that close... But I still like "Inside Out" as the title... And I couldn't think of anything better anyway, that's why I kept this title. (Remember how I said in the beginning of the chapter how I was unsure about the title?)
Well, I think that's it about this chapter. This one was fun to work with, even though I was somewhat insecure when using Byoki... Xiaolin is back, some bit of character development, some Keedy... That's about it. Hope you liked it, being the contest chapter and all... And what's next? Some character and plot development... And even some humor if I'm lucky. You'll see.
Anyway, thanks again for reading the comic! Hope you liked Inside Out, and let's go to the next chapter!

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 4:41 pm

Posted by Advertisement

Posted at May 23rd, 2019, 11:00 am

Posted by Gigi19972010

Alright, here's the reason I took a while to post this and I didn't finish the comments for the contest thing.
I saw something about an easter egg in the junkbox of KTD ( ) so I decided to check it out. As I pressed A in the Title Screen...
I couldn't believe my eyes.
My brothers came to my bedroom and then my parents started to wonder what the heck had happened. Of course, when I told them, they said I was overreacting. I really was. However...
I searched everywhere for a way to recover it, but none. It's a cartridge, so I can't backup saves. Heck, I hadn't even backed it up once. So, yeah, my save was gone, along with the others, that were my bros'. But mine was a work of weeks. My records. My efforts. Everything. Gone.
This collapsed me so much I cried for at least 20 minutes without stopping. I had lunch then I decided that I had no choice, but to replay the whole game again. I can't stand seeing that first file not being 100%.
So yeah, I started playing it. Right now I'm in 3-2. I couldn't do anything else other than work on that. After I calmed down a little, I decided to check things for today's update. That's why I had those problems.
Hope you understand me. This sucks. Good, I'll get to play the whole game again, but... I didn't want it to cost my efforts. The best I have now about my freak outs when I played the game for the first time are my memories. This sucks. Ugh.
So, yeah, wish my good luck... But I'm still devasted. I wasn't that happy this week already, and this happens. Ugh.

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 4:50 pm

Readers' Comments:

Posted by Blizzard

Can't wait for the next chapter or arc or... yeah

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 4:55 pm

Ultimate Yoshi
Posted by Ultimate Yoshi

Ouch... that sucks to hear about your Triple Deluxe file. Hope it's not too painful to finish it all over again.

Inside Out was definitely an interesting chapter, but personally I don't think I'm the most fond of it, mostly for two reasons. I really don't like Keedy at all, and I also feel like Keeby completely got shafted in the chapter. Sure, he's jealous of Kirby, but this chapter finally gives him the chance to be a hero himself and save his best friend, and in the end it's pretty much all Keedy. It seems kind of backwards, if you ask me. But that's also just my opinion, and I don't think the chapter is a bad one by any means. It was decent, I just don't think I'll be rereading it anytime soon, if that makes any sense.

Either way, I look forward to the next chapter.

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 5:13 pm

Posted by Luigi_96

... I will read that wall o' text later.

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 5:57 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010

@Ultimate Yoshi:

All I know is that I'll pretty much be slow from now on... Redoing everything like this is not that good.
Why do you not like Keedy? Is there some reason for it, or is it just something more personal that you don't like about his character?
And this thing about Keedy ending up being the hero and not Keeby... Huh, I thought it would be easy to tell that that was meant to be something ironic about the chapter? Like, it starts with Keeby complaining about Kirby, then Keedy, probably the last kirby Keeby would think about doing this, gets Kirby's acknowledgment? No, my intention is not to make Keeby be the hero at this point, it's the opposite, as it has always been for the two. But hey, this time, Kirby cared about Keedy more than about Keeby. Is that fair?
And I can't say much at this point, but I have a reason to indeed keep Keeby in Kirby's shadow, while not other kirbies. So yeah, in this chapter, I also tried to show how Keeby always ends up being ignored, even if he does something... But if I wasn't able to make that clear... Oh well.

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 6:48 pm

Ultimate Yoshi
Posted by Ultimate Yoshi

@Gigi19972010: I dislike Keedy for several reasons. For one, I'm just not fond of when characters use the third person, it's just something that really aggravates me no matter where it's used, and Keedy is no exception. Secondly, out of all of Kirby's friends that you've shown, Keedy always felt like he was reliant on other characters. His most dominant trait other than childishness and his third-person-speech is obsessing over Kirby. I've never been fond of characters who's most major aspect is obsessing over someone (for example, Amy Rose), and unless they're done super incredibly well to the point of true mastery of writing characters, childish characters who aren't children also annoy me. Combining all these aspects together into one sole character just makes him someone who I really can't stand. You use him fine in the story, it's just that I really don't like him in any way.

Edit: I checked his character bio and found that Keedy actually is the youngest of the Kirbies, giving him a reason to act childish, so I suppose it's not fair to call him a childish character who isn't a kid. It doesn't make me dislike him any less, though.

It is pretty ironic that when Keeby wants to be the hero, Keedy is the one who ends up saving the day, but I can't help but feel bad for Keeby as a result of that. So, in a way, I guess it's a commendation for you, since, y'know, I care about the character and want to see him succeed.

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 6:56 pm

Posted by Averagegamer

I can't wait for Chapter 17(Yeah, I was keeping track). I wonder which friend group will have the main focus the next chapter. Also you should look on the bright side of things. Weren't you planning on replaying the KTD anyway. That's what I would do since when you beat it, there's not much you can do.

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 7:27 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010

@Ultimate Yoshi:

Ah, ok. Because since it's just that you don't like this kind of character, I suppose I can't do much.
And don't worry about Keeby... I have something planned for him... It just isn't the time, really.


Well, actually, I sorta already replayed the game when I got all the keychains, as well as helped my little bro when he got stuck in some hard levels at the end of the game... But yeah, I still got actually play EVERYTHING again... It sucks, but I can't do anything, can I?

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 9:12 pm

Posted by Jarkes

@Ultimate Yoshi: I COMPLETELY agree with you on Keedy. I can't stand him either (the only character that I don't really mind third-person speak from is the Great and Powerful Trixie, and that's because it's more arrogance than childishness, and I find it more entertaining when third-person speech is due to arrogance rather than childishness), and he completely took away Keeby's chance to shine. Which was apparently the entire point, but still.

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 9:20 pm

Posted by Jarkes

@Gigi19972010: How the heck did that even happen? The only explanation I can think of for that happening is that maybe one of your brothers accidentally deleted everything, but even that's unlikely because of the several warnings games give when deleting files these days...

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 9:22 pm

Posted by Sapar

@Jarkes: Something like that happened once with my old Pokemon Silver file, I just started the game one day and.... BAM! Nothing. It just happens sometimes, I guess... Good luck on your new KTD file, Gigi!

Posted at July 4th, 2014, 10:57 pm

Omega Kirby
Posted by Omega Kirby

What's everyone's problem? I actually LIKE KEEDY! The way he's constantly bullied and peer pressured by the others, just kinda makes me feel sorry for him, and when he was feeling lost, Xiaolin comes out of nowhere and attacks him, he's just so...
Adorable? I'm not really sure how to describe him, and he hasn't exactly ever been in the limelight himself, unlike Keeby, who helped save all the clones, from Panee.

Posted at July 5th, 2014, 3:05 am

Poor you Gigi,and hey,I have mario and luigi super saga: bowser inside story,and I will play by now ^U^

Posted at July 5th, 2014, 4:22 am

Omega Kirby
Posted by Omega Kirby

@Mimistarlish: What? Why are you telling us that?

Posted at July 5th, 2014, 7:28 am

Posted by 1997Cjones

@Gigi19972010: God, that's evil enough to get crowned on hell

Posted at July 5th, 2014, 9:42 am

Posted by Luigi_96

@Gigi19972010: Ouch. That is seriously painful about the save file. D:

I liked the chapter, and can't wait to see more 20TK! ^^

Posted at July 5th, 2014, 1:43 pm

@Gigi19972010: I would've felt the same way. In fact, I would've called Nintendo and yell WHY AFTER A WHILE DO SAVES GET DELETED. I've been through that, too. It all started when I finally got back all of my Mario and Zelda games (126+). I was eager to finally enjoy Minish Cap again. So I went to start it up. MY SAVE FILE WAS FRICKIN 0%. I had spent weeks trying to get the third element. And then, BAM. My White Sword, my Minish Cap, and my favorite Zelda game. GONE. I went crazy and shouted NO! at the top of my lungs. But then I remembered I had another game: Mario Party Advance. I went to see that. BAM. 0% hit me like a meteor on my FRICKIN HEAD. My 52 stars, Gaddgets, Duel Dash, Game Room, Mini Game Attack, Bowser Land, my Minigames. GONE. I was completely devastated.

Posted at July 5th, 2014, 5:28 pm

Posted by Centropyge (Guest)

Uh, I think I might have some insight regarding the sudden loss of cartridge data. If I'm not mistaken, Nintendo's game cartridges are Flash memory chips. Flash is a relatively short-lived form of memory which lasts between 5-10 years reliably. Its lifespan is reduced with use. Theoretically, Gigi's own use, combined with the use of her two brothers, could have been enought to strain the flash memory to its breaking point.

I'm not computer scientist by any means, but I thought I'd do what I can to help. (Still haven't platinum'd that last extra stage yet)

Posted at July 5th, 2014, 7:14 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010


Funnily enough, one of my brothers is old enough not to do this accidentally, and the other is so young that he would never do it like this. The 13 year old one would never do this, not even as a prank, because he's not like that at all. The 5 year old one is really young to completely delete the three saves, if he had done this I'm pretty sure it would be only one. Also, I had to create a Streetpass data again, so I'm pretty certain the whole save data just reset itself. :/
Well, my little brother sorta confessed and said he had done it, but he said he had completely forgotten everything else, like how, why, and when he did it. So yeah, I'm pretty sure it wasn't any of my brothers.


That sucks... But yeah, thanks.

@Omega Kirby:

Well, I agree with you at this point, but people have different opinions. I can't make everyone like all my characters, like no one likes every single character from any story.


You mean what happened to me?


Yeah. :(
Anyway, thanks!

@Unknown Entity:

Ouch, that sucks to hear.


That might be the case, but... I have other 3DS games that I played much more than KTD... Like Pokémon X, Bravely Default and even Mario Kart 7... I was probably unlucky, then.
Though coming to think of it, I played KTD without turning off the 3DS for more than than any of those other games... Maybe that's it?

Posted at July 6th, 2014, 8:39 am

@Gigi19972010: Darn right that sucked. I had a bunch of title screens, a bunch of gadgets, all mini games, Level 8 of Duel Dash, Attack 15 of Mini Game Attack, and a buttload of coins. Then BOOM. Gone. I was so devastated about that (also in Minish Cap: Ezlo, White Sword, first 2 elements, and almost the 3rd element) I felt like I would pass out. For an hour. You know how in Kirby 64, with Stone and Cutter, you can give Kine a sinking feeling? Multiply that by 9999999999999999999999 after adding 10. That's how I was feeling.

Posted at July 6th, 2014, 12:22 pm

Posted by 1997Cjones

@Gigi19972010: Yes

Posted at July 6th, 2014, 8:17 pm

@Omega Kirby:I not have nice comment to add.

Posted at July 7th, 2014, 2:35 am


@Gigi19972010: Okay, so that chapter's in the can, and I've gotta say...I really didn't see Xiaolin's return coming in this chapter. Like, at all. All in all, for this chapter? Good show! Jolly good show! ...Now, about my chapter...can we talk about why it didn't win, please? I've been anxious about what was wrong with it, and I don't want it to be over something trivial, like an incoherent plot, or an unlikable character, or something like that. I know I didn't put my A-game into my submission, but that's only because this is the first fan submission that I've done in years, my first few being on Kirby's Rainbow Resort, back when I was in middle school. Not only did I have to worry about time restraints, I also had to worry about making my entry as comprehensive as possible. Long story short, be sure to respond to this as soon as you can, and then we can talk about why my story didn't make the cut, okay? :)

Posted at July 7th, 2014, 2:05 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010

@Trevor the Hedgehog:

Did you read the news post about the results? That's a must-see.
But in short, you are one of those who didn't lose because your entry was bad, you lost because Alienoid won... That's it really. I still need to finish the comments about the entries, and there you'll see my thoughts about your entry. But still, if you want later, I can like write some C+C about your character and plot, if you really want to know what I think you should improve (but of course, that will only be my opinion).
So yeah, there's no real reason for why you lost that has anything to do with your entry.

Posted at July 8th, 2014, 10:38 pm

Posted by Sudux


What the derp more than half this page is comments by the author. My mind is MELTING AGAIN.

Posted at April 26th, 2018, 7:16 am

Posted by KirbyStar7

Oh Keedy

Posted at May 14th, 2018, 2:23 pm

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