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Just Like a Butterfly - Part 50!

December 14th, 2013, 4:53 pm

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...Where does Xiaolin live?
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Author's Comments:

Posted by Gigi19972010

Three years and almost half-a-thousand pages?!

...I keep outdoing myself, really.
Anyway, woah, three years! That's the age difference between me and my bro (not the little one, the middle one): three years ago, I was finishing the school year he's just finished this year! That's a big deal for me. I can look to my bro and say: "Was I was in your age, I was starting 20 Times Kirby...". Maybe that means nothing to you, but that means a lot to me.
Anyway, how to start it... Well, you know, I'll give you my general view of this year, that was pretty... Weird. And when I talk about year, I mean from one anniversary to another.
Adding the Venture, Team Means Win, Milkshake and Just Like a Butterfly... Four chapters that I wanted to make since much ago... Four chapters that I expected much from... Four chapters... That until today I have no clue if they were brilliant or crappy.
Seriously, I really don't.
I can find good and bad points in EVERY single one of them. What I don't know, however, is if any of them are more important than the others. Like, for example, there were 26 good things in a chapter, but 2 bad things that crushed the good things. In the end, the chapter was bad. So, I don't know.
I have people who loved the chapters and people who hated them (Adding the Venture - people who didn't read KA and probably felt lost / didn't like the idea to read another comic; Team Means Win - people who hated the teams and hated how Special and Unique were overpowered, even when I explained that it was intentional; Milkshake - people that hated how Panee undid his wish, and people who hated that I didn't explore that much the ability switch; Just Like a Butterfly - people who hated how time travel worked and people who didn't like how Marx was deposed). So, I don't know if they were good. And, I know, that sometimes what people say isn't the supreme truth of what something is, but still... I'm lost. I really don't know.
Yeah, it's sort of a rant to begin this comment but... I feel like this comic is getting worse and worse with each chapter... :C
Maybe that's because I became sort of a critic myself, so I'm criticizing my own work way too often, so I find flaws everywhere. Flaws that I know that I just can't fix (you can't fix every flaw, because nothing is perfect), but that still bothers me... What to do, what to do?
...Ok, now REALLY enough with personal rants now. Let's talk about this comic page!
To be honest, I forgot when I started it... Anyway, it wasn't much time ago. In fact, I only finished the drawings Monday... Yeah... I scanned them all Tuesday and I started coloring that same day. Then I sorta started a "DO EVERYTHING AS FAST AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE THE TIME IS SHORT AHHHHHHHH": I finished coloring, I shaded everything, I added all those effects, I joined the panels, I added the text, I added the bubbles... Thursday, before I posted last page, I had finished it. Thank god!
Anyway, this page was sorta hard to draw, mainly because... BACKGROUNDS. I don't know exactly how much the backgrounds annoyed me. Mainly when shading them... Yeah, I used gradient shading in some of them, but everything else... Needed patience. And until now I have no idea if they're good or not. So, hope you like it. Hope you like the drawings overall. I also hope you like the page itself, as I used a different layout.
Also... What could Xiaolin mean by that? c:<
Ok, now, talking a bit about Just Like a Butterfly... You may ask, time travel? What, I thought you were all logical and stuff! But, hey, you guys still don't get what I mean by logic.
The logic that I find obligatory to happen anytime is the common logic. For example, if you are in trouble, and you have three options to choose in order to get out of trouble, would you choose the hardest one or the easiest one? The easiest one, of course! Well, maybe you can choose the hardest one, but you must have a reason in order to do so. Or else your actions will look very weird and forced. So, that's what I mean by logic, because between choosing something hard and something easy, you choose something easy, it's only logical! Let's say, it's what we call "common sense". If you don't follow it and don't explain why, where's the logic?
But then, time travel... Does it have anything to do with what I just said? Nope. And you know why? How can you have common sense about something fictional, 100%? When we try to explain time travel, no matter how, it never makes 100% sense. Because if it made, we would finally realize how time works and, more, time machine would be able to be built. But that's not the reality! Time travel only exists in fiction. So, what I did in the comic about time travel has some holes, yes, but that just because it's impossible to not have them. I'd love to make this chapter have no holes, but that's just impossible. So, don't complain, ok?
Anyway, time travel... Yeah, I've always loved time travel for some reason. It's very "popular" in fiction, and there are thousands of different examples of the concept. So, I thought, why not try it in my comic? Mainly because, really soon, I realized that the plot had much potential when it came to change something of the past that would drastically change the present, AKA the butterfly effect. Firstly, it would completely change the XXIs. Secondly, Marx would be able to control the planet! And lastly... Something you'll only find out in the future. Remember, no chapter in this comic is useless and can be treated as just "You can pretend that it never happened if you want.".
Anyway, the idea of the chapter came, and at first the only thing I knew was "change the past, stuff happens, then change the past back". That was it. I know I had to come up with more stuff, but at that time I was working in another chapters, and I decided to leave it for another moment. But I decided to start something already: recreate the XXIs.
I knew that I wouldn't just look at my characters and say "Let's change their looks and personalities and powers! This one will be like this. This one will be like that. And... Done!", it would be a slow process. In fact, in the beginning of 2012 I grabbed a paper in the middle of class, I drew a table and I put the 21 names of my characters. At that moment, I started recreating them. Every once in a while, I'd grab that paper (either in the middle of class, either at home) and write down something new. Like the new name of the character. Like something about their personality. And then it went... Until the middle of this year, when I finished it. I had already started recoloring them at that point, but everything was finished only at that time. And there they were... The new XXIs! You liked them, I guess, and that's good, because it wasn't easy... But it was fun, indeed. c:
But then... You ask "But now, those characters you took months to create, are going to be lost forever? You didn't even show their personalities well! Did you just waste your time?". Nope. I'm planning on bringing back stuff from that timeline somehow. No more details about it, or else spoilers. But really, don't worry about those characters. I'd never waste them like that.
Anyway, I don't really remember how things happened, in order words, I don't remember how the plot was created. I just remember that it was in my mind for a long time, and sometimes I'd find myself "Oh, THIS. Yes, THIS should happen! It'd be perfect!". And, after a while, I got the whole plot. So, since I'm a forgetful person, I decided to write to whole plot down. That later helped me with the planning of the chapter and... I think that's it.
Anyway, as you can see, the plot isn't much complex. This time I didn't want to make plot twists and stuff, mainly because time travel is already complicated enough. Also, by introducing Luz and working with Lindroganti and Xiaolin at the same time, I guess things got more "complex" as well. So, the plot was like that so that I could explore the context: Marx ruling the planet and stuff. And I think it worked well.
...Yeah, I don't think I have much to say about this chapter. Except some other few things.
First of all... Luz. This was the perfect opportunity to introduce her, you know why? If she hadn't appeared in this chapter, she would take a lot of time to be introduced. She's an important character, and it wouldn't be right to introduce an important character just in the end of the comic. And there was no way she could've been introduced if not in this chapter, and later you'll understand why.
Second... Marx is back, guys! What will he do now? If he will do anything at all?
Third... This is probably the last chapter with Daisy's machines, at least for now. You already had three of them in one year! That's enough, isn't it? After all, Daisy already learned her lessons.
Fourth... Did you notice that in this chapter I tried to focus on a relationship? You know which one? Kirby and Kirsy's relationship. Though that didn't work that well, I think I manage to develop it a bit more... You already know their basic relationship: friends, but everyone thinks they should be more than friends...
And lastly... Remember the XXIs from the alternate timeline? Do you remember which group of friends I focused more on? And you know why? I focused on Anibal Steve and Adriano Bernado, aka Panee and Zan... What? Panee and Zan as friends? HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK. (Remember, I kept the friendships, despite changing their personalities and stuff~)
Know something: there's a reason why I showed Panee and Zan as best friends. Do you get it? If you don't, don't worry, someday you'll get it... I guess.
Anyway... Now about the comic being 3 years old and reaching 450 comics... Holy crap, it's been three years?! And I'm almost reaching half a thousand pages?! Time flies! I just gotta thank you all, again, for reading the comic and commenting, and trying to help me, and loving it. Seriously. You guys are awesome. And I've got something else to say...
I've reached half (or almost half) of the comic.
In other words, this comic is halfway from being completed!
...No, don't cry yet! Let me just explain.
This comic is three years old. If I'm halfway, this comic will end with six years... That's enough for a comic to live. In fact, I'm not even sure if people who started reading the comic from the very first day will see it being finished. So, no big deal with finishing the comic with six years, right? The max time will be seven years, because more than that... Is way too much! As well with the pages. Not more than a thousand. Or else, way too much pages. Also, the time and number of pages are enough for what I need to finish this comic with a golden key. After all, I'm not making a comic where chapters can be skipped. I'm not making a comic for you to forget that a plot exists. I'm making a comic for you to see the end and go "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Like, a real "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". I make you go like that sometimes, don't I? Imagine in the end of the comic. I have to make it more than ever.
But, really, don't go "OH NO 20 TIMES KIRBY ALREADY IS PLANNED TO END SADFACE" because this comic is planned to end since almost its beginning! Everything has an end. And you've got like three more years to go. So, don't be sad. Just know that we're probably halfway there.
And almost lastly... Remember the rant in the beginning of the comment? Yeah, forget about it. This years was just... Weird for me. Good stuff happened, then bad stuff happened, a never-ending cycle... Sometimes I was really happy, sometimes I was really mad, sometimes I felt like committing suicide... Then repeat. Though I'm still confused, don't take that rant way too seriously. I wrote that while sorta mad, so it's true, yes, but sometimes I make mountains out of molehills. I have to remember that my comic isn't meant to be perfect. It has its mistakes? Yeah. But that's not reason to be sad about it. I just need to learn from them.
So, to really finish this, the next chapter! I hope you'll like it. After time travel, you'll get something less complicated. You'll get character development, with some adventure!
Anyway, thank you so much, one more time, for reading the comic! Thanks for reading until now! Now, to keep going!
(2014 is going to be a crazy year for me, you know why? Last year of high school. And, here in Brazil, in order for you to enter any college, you must take a test. About EVERYTHING you've learned in high school. That's right, EVERYTHING. And the best grades go to the second phase, and it depends on how well everyone did. So, maybe you did well, but people did better than you. They go to the second phase, and you don't. And if you don't enter any college that year, you have to try again, but only in the next year. You lose a year. And that's only about the first phase. The second phase is harder and uses the same system: best grades enter, other grades don't. So, my goal is to pass both phases next year (remember, here in Brazil the school year matches the regular year), and in order to do that I have to study, A LOT. I have no idea what will happen to my free time, I only know that I'll probably not study on weekends. So, after school starts... Updates in this comic are a mystery.
This also explains why I stopped reading comics: I was preparing myself for that moment as well! If I stopped right now, I'd take some time to adapt. What if I failed? I'd be reading comics when I needed to study. It wouldn't work. So, this also means that I won't go back to read comics that soon. I'm sorry to any of you guys that liked me reading your comics but... Life happens.)

Posted at December 14th, 2013, 10:27 am

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Posted at May 23rd, 2019, 11:00 am

Posted by Gigi19972010

Oh, and I almost forgot, don't forget about the contest! You have 17 days left! Don't leave it for the last day, or else you'll regret it!
Also, after the fan art contest ends, I'll talk about when the results of this one and the create your own chapter one will be revealed. (:
Also, you think that Xiaolin's letter in the end of this chapter was random? Not at all! What's the butterfly effect about, anyway? Small actions, big results! Keep that in mind!

Posted at December 14th, 2013, 10:55 am

Posted by Gigi19972010

All replies will be edited here... Thanks for commenting!


Xiaolin says hi.
And who knows? >:3

@Ultimate Yoshi:

Ok, let's go. And glad to know you liked the chapter.
Luz was more introduced so that you could know who she was, that she existed. Done. That was it. That's why I didn't say much about her: it's coming in future chapters. However, if I hadn't introduced her here, she would appear probably for the first and last time as a character out of blue. She would REALLY be a deux ex machina character. In fact, see how in the actual timeline you know only Kirby and Kirsy know about her, other than Meta Knight of course. She's an occult character for the characters themselves, and not for you, the readers. That's my intention. You'll understand when it's the right time. The same goes for the new XXIs, as you need to know that they exist right now, and not much more about it.
Huh, about the new XXIs... Really... So what? My intention with this chapter was also to show how the XXIs could have been COMPLETELY different than what they are, too. I knew that you'd never be able to realize which one was which easily, and that's one of the reasons I put that giant table in the first page they appeared, or else I could have said "Figure out by your own! Cookies!". I wanted to show, for example, how Dana, that kirby afraid of everything could've turned into a kirby that fears nothing and actually has too much self-confidence! The connection wasn't too obvious, but both "Danas" were extreme! Exaggerated! And then it goes with every single character. Some of them kept their "iconic" personality trace, so you could recognize them easily. Others didn't. And that's good, actually! To see how different they can be.
Thanks for liking the chapter (again... :P) and like I said some pages ago, Dedoo's appearance was meant to be sorta random.
Lindroganti turning back from Simis to Drogan? That's really simple. Think of a kirby and a simirror. Think of lunch time. If you could choose one of these forms to eat, each one would you choose? Kirby, of course! It was risky because of Marx, yes, but know something: Drogan did that daily! That's right! He was just unlucky to have Marx see him that day, and because of the intruder alert. Or else, he'd eat and go back to being Simis before Marx saw it.

...And... No one so far cares about the anniversary? And the effort I put into this page? Anything? ;^;

...Oh, wait!


Thanks! :D


Thanks, I'll try!


I'm so sorry for all my mistakes... I just can't help it... But good to know that you're trying to ignore them in order to enjoy reading the comic. :)
Anyway, thank you so much!


To be honest, probably not... First because I need to stop some day, second because I have no clue how my life will be at the time I finish the comic, and third that I'm not good at coming up with ideas. When they come, they're good, but I can't just make them come whenever I want. So, I might not even have new ideas for comics. But I really don't know. I guess only time can tell that.
Anyway, thanks for loving my comics, and for supporting the three years!




...What cheesy burn?

@Kenny the fox:

Thanks, and hope you can catch up soon! You missed some stuff... And I like waffles too.

@Fighter Dee:

Thanks! And college... I haven't really studied for it yet as well...
And yeah, I love walls of text... And Ulti only started liking them because of me. xP


Woah, thanks a lot! It's good to know that my drawn pages are good...
Anyway, I use Photoshop, and the lineart is actually 100% hand-drawn, I just scan it and I do the rest in the computer.

Posted at December 14th, 2013, 6:10 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010

I wanted to post this yesterday with the comic but I hadn't fisished it yet... Anyway, here's a video of my bro voice acting the first anniversary page. It's funny. Really funny. Go watch it. You won't regret it.

Posted at December 15th, 2013, 9:21 am

Readers' Comments:

Posted by 44Cinder44

Ohai Xiaolin

EDIT: And that reminds me, we haven't seen much of Panee recently. Where is he now?

Posted at December 14th, 2013, 5:14 pm

Ultimate Yoshi
Posted by Ultimate Yoshi

I had a lot of things that I wanted to say about this chapter once it ended.

Then I read your author comment. Now it's just a couple of things.

I must say, overall, I think this chapter was the best one you wrote this year, compared to Adding The Venture (which was mostly just set-up), Team Means Win (which had a very skewed focus), and Milkshake (which, as I stated before, was half good and half I felt was missed opportunity). However, I don't think it was perfect. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen ANY story in a comic be perfect, so it's not as if a few flaws is a bad thing.

The biggest issue that I have with this chapter is Luz. It's not that I feel her inclusion was problematic, or that she was a deux ex machina character (which is what she appeared to be at first). My problem is that, despite you saying that this was a perfect time to introduce her, her introduction ended up adding to the clutter of new characters in this chapter. 80% of the characters in this chapter were brand new and never-before-seen, each with unique and different personalities. While in terms of story and plot points, this may have been a great time to introduce Luz, in terms of characters and readers, this was a very poor time to introduce yet another new character. I have a feeling that I wasn't alone in getting confused and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of characters present in this chapter that all have different personalities.

Which brings me to my next subject. This one may be more of a nitpick than anything else, but I want to talk about it regardless. This chapter uses a basic form of the whole "dystopian alternate universe" type story, though technically its not an alternate universe but instead an alternate timeline, whatever, that's not the point. The biggest reason why dystopian alternate universes work, or really, alternate universes in general, is that we get to meet and learn about the main characters and their world, and then suddenly those same main characters are shoved into a world that's supposed to be their own, but is different in ways that are either slight or major. This includes changed settings, slightly different characters, different situations, the works. The reason why these ideas are so compelling is seeing familiar faces and having them act completely different or be in totally different scenarios. However, for Just Like A Butterfly, there's one major problem with what ended up happening: the XXIs. I totally, 100% understand the backstory and plot reasons why the new XXIs look, act, are named completely differently from the normal XXIs. However, because they not only act, but LOOK totally different... it turns them from reimagined characters that we've met before into totally new characters that only slightly technically have we met before. While reading this chapter, I was only able to figure out who 6 of the 21 new XXIs used to be (Zan, Panee, Matt, Natty, Valoo, and Clare). Everybody else was completely unfamiliar, and that somewhat damaged the effect of the dystopian alternate timeline for me. Instead of seeing familiar characters in a totally different situation, they were the XXIs in group-name only, and I felt absolutely no connection to any of them except Not-Zan and Not-Panee. To be totally honest, I'm not sure how you could've not run into this problem AND still keep their backstory logical and not extraordinarily coincidental, so this may have been a lose-lose scenario. Before you say anything, I want to repeat: I get why you made them the way you did. I just feel that in doing so, the connection I made to these characters had been lost.

Despite these two minor problems, overall, I thought this was a pretty good chapter (after hearing some of your explanations and reading that author comment above. If I hadn't read any of that, this comment of mine would be WAY longer.) The characters were overall good, the plot was very nicely handled (though I do think Dedoo's appearance at the end was a bit too coincidental), and the effects were REALLY good. I especially liked Xiaolin's part in this, it felt nice to have him be on the good side (albiet temporarily).

Actually, one last thing. I forgot to mention this earlier, but... Lindoganti's actions need to be explained. Actually, not all of them. Just one. Why the HECK did he transform out of his Simis form, RIGHT after Marx told him he would be severely punished for doing so? Drogan says that he can indeed explain, but he never gets the chance to. Without that explanation, Lindroganti just looks like a complete and total moron. This is kind of another nitpick, I suppose, but it does bother me enough that I have to ask about it.

Posted at December 14th, 2013, 5:36 pm

Posted by Luigi_96

Congrats on 3 years! :D

Posted at December 14th, 2013, 6:58 pm

Posted by Sapar

That test thingie sounds HARD... Good luck! Hope you can start reading comics afterwards, I got some really nifty ideas!

Posted at December 14th, 2013, 7:32 pm

Posted by Syogren

Happy three years, Gigi!

To be honest, I've been able to enjoy this comic much more, recently. It's partially getting used to the occasional grammar slipups (This is particularly hard for me due to my status as a grammar nazi, but it was DEFINITELY worth it), and partially because...I don't know. Yeah, I noticed most of the problems mentioned by everyone else...except I DID like the ending to Milkshake. I understand why others didn't like it, but I completely disagree.

I guess I feel like Luz came out of the blue, and Lit and Xao were kinda just there, but other than that, I liked JLaB too.

So yeah, keep up the good work! And good luck on that exam!

Posted at December 14th, 2013, 9:06 pm

Posted by kirby444 (Guest)

Gigi, if you end 20 Times Kirby, would you make a new comic about kirby? And i LOVE your comics. I would be VERY sad when you end 20 Times Kirby. And happy 3 years!

Posted at December 14th, 2013, 11:07 pm

Posted by Hi:) (Guest)

Happy 3 years!

Posted at December 15th, 2013, 12:44 am

Posted by DaBrokor

Also, that was a cheesy burn.

Posted at December 15th, 2013, 12:54 am

Kenny the fox
Posted by Kenny the fox

Spooky Xiaolin is not really that spooky.

Happeh three years, 20 Times Kirby! Tbh I liked the comic right from the start. One thing that I liked is that you managed to give each Kirby a different personality. Another thing that I really like about the comic is that most of the time it doesn't take itself too seriously, and since I'm a fan of that type of media, yah.

It obviously has it's flaws, just like any other comic, but there's not that many, srsly. The effects are good, the story flows well, all main Kirbies get the right screentime... (...Paneltime? ... Panels?), its just good in general. I may miss some things since I'm in the middle of re-reading the comic (Especially the chapters I missed when I was dead), so yeah.

I can't really write a long comment without getting repetitive so let's just leave it at that, comic's great, not perfect but no comic is really perfect, keep it up for more years, I like waffles.

Posted at December 15th, 2013, 10:00 am

Posted by Fighter Dee

@Gigi19972010: Happy 3 Years, and loved the page. I have nothing to ask about the comic right now, but next year I'm going to college, and I haven't even studied for it.

@Gigi19972010 & @Ultimate Yoshi: You two love walls of text don't you?

Posted at December 15th, 2013, 1:59 pm

Posted by Darkhog (Guest)

Great page. It's sad that my drawn comic about Kirby failed. What software did you use? Inkscape? Anyway that demented look on Xiaolin's face would be very hard to achieve with sprites, so good call! I am so happy that you are continuing to provide us with such great stuff! Good Job!!!

Posted at December 17th, 2013, 9:41 am

Posted by Neon-J

Broken Page the Fourth are go.

Posted at January 8th, 2014, 9:39 am

Posted by Gigi19972010


Welp, it's really something with your PC. All pages here are fine.

Posted at January 8th, 2014, 10:38 am

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