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Milkshake - Part 30

August 8th, 2013, 10:41 pm

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Author's Comments:

Posted by Gigi19972010

400 comics, end of this Milkshake!

Milkshake already ended... That was the fastest chapter since a while... o.O
Anyway, first things first, about this page. Yeah, I didn't draw this page, one of my IRL friends did it. She's good at it, isn't she? But, well, I felt sorry for her because I'm really annoying and I annoyed her so much while she was making this... I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON. ;^;
Anyway, I actually thought of simply making this page animated, probably with Flash, but I can't use it! Imagine me learning to use Flash, then making an animation, what if it went wrong? So, I thought that having her to make the page would be fun and something different. The thing was that things ended up being rushed, and she had trouble finishing the page in time. Yeah, you may have noticed that this is posted later than the usual, and that's because she was finishing it! ...And I was, as well. I actually waited until she finished the drawings and I added the text bubbles. If she had done that, she would've been overload, at least in my view. So, after feeling extremely guilty for her (I dunno, I just felt a terrible feeling because I wasn't doing anything at all, just saying what she had to do and giving her the script! Yeah, I wasn't born to be a boss...) I decided to take some of the responsibility.
And she was going to shade the drawings, but then the page would never be able to be finished by today, so I told her to shade it later, and then I post a 2.0 version. When it's done, I'll tell you and link it to you, and maybe replace this page, ok?
So, you wanna know how this whole thing of the chapter was created? That's what I'm going to tell you right now~
This idea is really old, just like the one from Team Means Win was. It just started as the simple idea of having my kirbies switch abilities, as the result would be amusing no matter what. At some point, which I don't remember exactly now, I decided that that would happen due to one of Daisy's machines malfunctioning, but it wouldn't be exactly her fault: it would be Panee's fault. For whatever reason, I came up with the idea of Panee sabotaging the machine. Good, I had the basic idea!
Yeah, but that's the easiest part. I didn't know what would happen later exactly. Also, I had no idea why Panee would sabotage the machine, neither how, neither when. Just like what happened to Team Means Win, I simply didn't care much at this point, and I just wrote down I what I had in mind at that point. But less than one year later... The ideas started coming.
First of all, when I really decided that Panee would get rid of Marx, I figured out that right after he would try to create his own plan. Of course, all other plans he had created under Marx's orders, it would be the first time he would be able to create his own. I remembered about the sabotaging and I decided that that would be Panee's plan. When Panee said he was going to surprise all the kirbies back in A Memorable Morning, I already knew he was going to make a plan about sabotaging the machine. I didn't have many details, though that changed later...
The Miraculous Treasures and Xiaolin Showdown came almost right after. While I did not mention Panee's plan in TMT, I did in XS like I said pages ago. But, being completely honest here, when I thought of Panee going to L.I.G.H.T. I didn't relate it at first with his plan. I remember that when Panee appeared someone asked "But what is he doing there, anyway?" and at first I thought "Well, he decided to go there for no good reason!". But, as you may know me, I really don't like these things as "Just 'cause" "Because it's random" "There's no reason", so I started to think of a reason. So, I realized that during that time Panee would only do something if it was related to his plan, so I thought of how to relate that place with his plan... So I realized that one of the fails was how Panee would find out about the machine to sabotage, and that's when I came up with the whole idea of L.I.G.H.T. granting power to see things. Well, not the whole thing actually, but the basic things. I had developed the plot a little, yay!
But that wasn't enough, was it? What about why Panee would try to do all that mess?
Well, I honestly don't remember why I decided to make it similar to Milky Way Wishes, but it was probably as simple as it may seem: since Marx was Panee's boss, wouldn't Panee maybe try to remake one of Marx's plans, but better in his view? So, I just linked Panee sabotaging the machine with calling NOVA and making a wish.
So, after Xiaolin Showdown all references to Panee's plan where 100% on purpose. Panee going to Daisy's lab with the Ghost Ability had actually been planned much before, right when I realized that the sabotaging needed to happen a good time before the day Daisy would turn on the machine. My original idea was make Panee sabotage the machine right before Daisy tested it, but I realized that it really wouldn't work. So, even though I had some details done, the complete explanation to the plan was pretty unclear. Took me a while to make a clear explanation and join all pieces I had created. While I had thought of L.I.G.H.T. being multiple places during XS, only in January this year that I made the whole connection of eight areas, each one granting a power and all that stuff.
So, the final step was to come up with how everything would get back to normal. I can say that there could be infinite ways to make that happen; I could've gone crazy and come up with something so damn complex that no one would understand at first. What if Panee's powers were temporary? What if Daisy was able to undo the Ability changes? What if... So many possibilities. People like complex fiction, right? Well, why couldn't I decide to break it a little?
As I've clearly shown you in past chapters, Panee isn't 100% evil. Panee would never be the type to love controlling the world. It didn't take me much time to realize that Panee would actually dislike the results of the plan, not immediately, of course, but he would, and want to reverse everything after a while. Heh, now, put yourself in Panee's place. How to do that? Well, if Panee got everything with a wish, he could lose everything with a wish. Panee chose the easiest way to solve that. Really, you've got any objections?
So, if you still don't get it, here's the reason I expect you not to hate how things got back to normal: since Panee isn't really a good guy, he didn't like to rule the planet. So, he decided to reverse it, by doing the easiest solution: wish to NOVA. Maybe anticlimactic, maybe boring? Yep. At least I'm being realistic and following logical actions, and not making things forced like sometimes fiction is. And, by doing that I'm also breaking the things you'd expect to happen, right? Sorry if you still don't like it, but I'm at least happy to see that some people agreed with it and liked it. :)
And, to finish this, this was pure character development to Panee. I'll talk more about it later in this comment.
So another thing, glad you liked speaking Grace! Sorry, but that would never last forever, for lots for reasons, one of them being the completely character change. Yeah, I know you don't know why Grace decided to speak neither why she came back to being mute again, but one day you'll find out, I promise. This is just a small suspense for you to think about~
Ok, now about how the chapter happened... Did you feel that something similar had already happened? Because, you know, something similar has already happened. That's right, Adding the Venture.
Both chapters followed almost the same structure: Anny goes visit Daisy, Daisy shows Anny a machine, Daisy tells Anny to guess what the machine is, Daisy says scientific stuff about the machine and Anny thinks she's crazy, Daisy tells Anny to call other kirbies to see the machine's first test, Daisy treats the machine as her precious, kirbies enter the lab, Daisy tells a few stuff about the machine, Daisy calls a test subject, Daisy goes to test the machine, the machine doesn't work properly and affects many more kirbies than the test subject, they don't really know how to fix the problem caused, confusion due to the problem, someone has an idea, they go on an "adventure" to solve the problem. After this, each chapter follows its own track. So, this was all on purpose, since they're two chapters which would be really similar no matter what, so why not make the similarities that close? But, of course, there would need to have two limitations: I'd have to limit that to only two chapters, or else the third one would be too predictable and so on, and those two chapters just couldn't happen one after another, or else it would be too weird. That's right, this is where Team Means Win turns out to be the solution, and now it's even clearer why I had to place it between those two chapters. Simple, eh?
And, since I'm talking about so many different things in this giant comment, probably some of you thought of the end of the chapter as somewhat rushed. I must admit: I felt it was rushed. However, it wasn't rushed because I were "OMG I JUST REALIZED THAT THIS CHAPTER MIGHT BE ABLE TO END IN THE 400TH COMIC SO IF I MAKE IT RUSHED I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!", because that would be stupid and clearly a show of lack of organization. I honestly don't remember if I've already told you that, but, before I write my scripts, I make a plan of the chapter: I write a brief summary of what's gonna happen on each page of that chapter. And, often, I also write even before that a giant summary of the whole chapter, so that I can split it up into pages smoothly. Anyway, that's how I'm able to make all my chapters have 20, 30, 40 or 50 pages, and it also makes everything easier. So, if I made the final of the chapter rushed, that's because I knew it would be like that since the beginning. So, you make the obvious question: "Then why didn't you change it so that it wouldn't be rushed?".
Well, I was torn between two possibilities: a rushed final and an EXTREMLY BORING AND REPETITIVE final. Basically, I'd turn that part 26 into 11 parts showing Panee's life as a king. Wow, it would be really interesting, right? Well, no. From my experiences with Such a New Life (those 8 pages where I just showed the kirbies doing nothing important or else the chapter would be really too short) and The Miraculous Treasures (almost the whole chapter, when I showed the kirbies looking for the treasures), I realized that it would be a PAIN to make all those 11 pages to be interesting, funny and not repetitive. Because it was a pain for me those times. You know, I like dynamic things, where different things are always happening, not when you look at something and say "Ok, I get it, this is happening as you've shown 4738386 times. Can you just skip this and make something happen at once, please?". And I HATE when I realize that the author of a story just made some stuff happen so that something would be bigger. So, would I be a hypocrite and make that happen in my comic? No. Never. Never again, at least, when I'm aware of it.
Maybe this thing of me hating slow things and preferring rushed things came from my drama classes, as drama has to be dynamic or else the audience will sleep, or the thing will get too boring. A long play where things happen slowly is really boring, isn't it?
So, I chose the make the final rushed. No, there was no midterm, unless I made a 35 page chapter, and my OCD wouldn't let me do that. So, sorry, it was rushed. And no, there was no way to change the rest of the chapter so that the final wouldn't be rushed, that would make the whole chapter look rushed, and that would be worse.
And it wasn't rushed in comic time, it was only page-wise. It took Panee three weeks for him to change his mind, enough time; it didn't happen too fast.
Anyway, so, what did I want with this chapter? What was the point of making Panee's plan succeed and having himself to destroy the results? Well, to answer that, I need to explain the meaning of the title of this chapter before, like I said I was going to do in its first page. Yeah, I'm pretty sure most of you, when reading the title for the first time thought "...What. Is. This. Name. Even.". xP
So, the original name of this chapter was "Sabotaged Skill Swap". Wow. I thought the name was cool (SSS, yay!), until I realized that it was too spoiler-ish. You'd start to expect a sabotaging and a skill swap, even though you'd have no clear idea of what it would be, you'd have some ideas. But, as soon as I showed the kirbies switching abilities, AKA the Skill Swap, you'd easily realize that it was sabotaged, due to the title. It would completely destroy the sudden thing of Panee appearing and saying it was all his plan all along. So, I decided to change the title, and I came up with "Milkshake". And you know why? The multiple meanings! Milkshake means:
- The liquid that was inside Daisy's machine, as it sort of looked like strawberry milkshake;
- The "shake" that the machine caused when the milkshake liquid spread all over;
- A pun from Milky Way Wishes;
- What Panee mentioned in this last panel: his thoughts are messy, are a milkshake! /metaphor
Ok, but why are Panee's thoughts messy? Since when Marx went to Equestria, Panee became free. But not only free from Marx, he also became free from Marx's influences. So, he had already Marx's influences and started receiving other influences, like he had never received before. And, remember when Meta said, during A Memorable Morning, that Panee couldn't be 100% evil because he was a clone of Kirby, and Kirby isn't evil? So, hey, Panee started having a dilemma: to be evil, or to be good. But, as you may have noticed, he doesn't want to believe it. He keeps denying it! In Xiaolin Showdown, when he defeated Xiaolin and went to talk to Kirby, he was all embarrassed: it was the first time he was actually doing something kind. Remember that, in the end of the battle, Panee could've just dodged Xiaolin's beam? But he didn't do that because said beam would hit the other beaten kirbies. That's the only actual reason he counter-attacked. And, in Old Friend, Or New Foe?, he went after the kirbies, but that wasn't the kind thing, you know why? He only went after the kirbies with Kirby, Keeby and Kirsy because, if there were no kirbies here, how would his plan work? But then, Clare provoked Panee: "You came here because you actually like us!". After that, Panee denied and denied, until Kirby also said that. Panee, not knowing what to do in such situation, ran away. Really, think, would you run away if that provocation meant nothing to you? Of course not! That meant something to Panee, maybe he doesn't realize it, doesn't accept it, doesn't understand it, but he has something kind inside him. And more, the other XXIs (when was the last time I referred to them as this? I honestly don't remember, and you know what, I'll start using it more often, calling them clones is... Rash?), he cares about them, because they all have something in common, they even call themselves siblings! It's even clear in his wish where he also wishes to have the kirbies get back to normal, the only reason to wish that would be to have things 100% back to normal, or maybe not? So, is Panee meant to be evil or good? That's a question you may find an answer to, or maybe not. ;D
So so so, as this giant comment is turning out to be GIANT, I'll quickly say some other stuff and end it.
First, guys, I appreciate criticism, I really do. However, if you don't give CC, constructive criticism, you're only pointing flaws. I know, my comic isn't perfect, it has its flaws, so you don't need to waste your time pointing them out on almost every single page, you'll only make me see you as an annoying person. So, feel free to give criticism, but just don't point out the flaw: explain why it's a flaw (maybe I won't get why you see that as a flaw), say how bad it is and try to give me a way to fix it. If you can't say one of the three, then don't say it at all, because neither will I be able to see it! I'm saying this because when I went to read some of the comments I hadn't read yet, I became really angered because only 8 pages had at least 5 comments (not completely from different people) just with the person saying they didn't like something or said that something was bad. That day, I was in a good mood, and after I read that I became so angered so suddenly that I couldn't even sleep well! I didn't know why they were saying that, how all those stuff was bad, or, sometimes, I knew people would maybe say it, but sometimes the comments sound so rude that I even think of saying "You hate this so much that you might stop reading the comic, as you pointed flaws, and why? Because you wanted to anger me?". If you want to help with the comic, give CC. If you can't give CC towards a flaw, maybe it's not a flaw, maybe it's a small flaw, and even maybe an inevitable flaw?
Second, UGH, I've been feeling so damn worried lately... Not really sure why, but probably because I still need to write A LOT of scripts. Nowadays, I'm making a comic and after that comic I only have one page scripted. I used to have at least 20. And for some reason I just can't write scripts as fast as I used to! Feels like my writing skills are getting worse and worse... It's such a terrible feeling... ;n;
...Yeah. :P
And the last one, new fan art, from Omega Kirby! As I was all busy, I'll post this in the Extras later.
So, that's it! Thank you for reading, I think this was the biggest author comment ever... e.e I liked working on this chapter, and I think you're going to like a lot the next one. At least, I guess so... Anyway, see you Saturday! And hooray for all these 400 pages!

Posted at August 8th, 2013, 8:34 pm

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Posted at October 22nd, 2019, 7:45 am

Posted by Gigi19972010

Oops, I forgot to mention a foreshadowing, a really old one! In this page ( ) I posted a reply which was mentioning this chapter... :P

So, thanks for all the feedback, guys! I don't really feel like replying to every comment, but know that I loved them all. <3

Posted at August 10th, 2013, 2:39 pm

Readers' Comments:

Posted by DragonFireflies

Team Means Win!

Foreshadowing?!? And fuck yeah, longest author comment FTW! Congrats on the 400th page!

Posted at August 8th, 2013, 10:51 pm

Posted by Ryjora

Wall of text and cool fanart

I love this

Posted at August 8th, 2013, 10:52 pm

Posted by Syogren

Am I the only one who didn't have a problem with the "rushed" ending? I can't be the only one who liked how Panee got his wish, only to find out it wasn't what he wanted.

Posted at August 8th, 2013, 11:00 pm

Posted by MecanicalCH

OMG THATS a...lot....of....text...wait...this is pretty interesting...nah i wont tell you a resume of what i read! go read it yourself! >:C

Posted at August 8th, 2013, 11:01 pm

Ultimate Yoshi
Posted by Ultimate Yoshi

So, after reading the entirety of this segment over again, as well as your author comment... I've got to say a few things.

First of all, Panee's role in this chapter was a bit of a mixed bag. Like I said in a comment previously, it did feel odd for Panee as a character to try and take on this sort of evil role. What I'm glad you did here was address WHY he did something like that. Marx's influences still had a brief hold on him, despite not being around anymore. Since Marx was really all he knew, when left on his own, it was what he automatically turned to, even when characters such as Meta Knight and Kirby gave him other options and choices. It makes perfect sense for him to attempt something like this, especially considering that this was basically Marx's plans. Despite being influenced by Marx, Panee still disliked him, so by succeeding with a plan that Marx failed at, I think it gives Panee good closure and confidence.

As far as other character development for Panee went in this chapter, I think Panee's admissions here are fairly well done with developing him, and helps him realize that he's not really the sort to act evil and such.

However, despite all this good character development, I also have some problems with this chapter, namely: missed opportunity.

Panee's character development here could have easily been pushed into a different sort of chapter. It seems to me that if Panee wanted to wish to rule Pop Star by means of Nova... why did he need the XXIs and Lindroganti to activate Nova for him? I'm not sure if you gave a reason for this, so feel free to correct me if I'm totally wrong, and if I am, I apologize in advance, but... if Panee wanted to do this plan, it would have been much easier for him to just simply do it himself.

The reason why this bugs me so much is just that the way the chapter begins is with such a good idea! The main 20 characters swapping abilities? There's so much comedy potential and character development that can be brought from that idea, simply by having the cast go on this adventure to fix it and have to cooperate with one another, learn things about each other, et cetera et cetera. And I know you could have done that, too! You're a good comic writer and I know you could have written something amazing with that set-up. By having Panee essentially hijack the entire chapter with his plan, this whole thing feels like a missed opportunity for some really good ideas.

I have no problems with what you did with Panee. The development turned out great, the characterization makes sense, the planning for this was truly well done, and there were some amusing moments that were created. I just think it maybe could have happened because of a different... what's the word? Catalyst is the closest I can come up with. Basically, the problem that starts the whole story. Maybe I wouldn't feel this way if I just didn't think there could be so much potential with the ability-swap idea that almost got abandoned for the Panee plotline.

Overall, this segment was enjoyable, but like I keep saying, the potential that was lost is almost saddening to me.

Posted at August 8th, 2013, 11:09 pm


Can someone PLZ put this in a nutshell? Shorter than ulti's plz

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 12:09 am

Posted by Luigi_96

That was ridiculously TL;DR. And yet I felt the need to read it. *sigh*

Anywho, huge congrats on the 400 pages!!

I really don't have much to say about this chapter as a whole because I don't read very deep into things so you just said a bunch of stuff I never would have noticed. (Probably why all my stories aren't very grand.)

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 12:30 am


well i'm surprised we got to 400 so HAPPY 400 PAGES ~grabs waddle dee balloon and floats away~

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 7:38 am

Posted by kirby444 (Guest)

i loved it

this is unique, super and good. I loved it and I'm 12 years old. I love the very ending. =) XD :)

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 10:02 am

Posted by Kuribo (Guest)

Yay 400 comics!

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 2:59 pm

Posted by HyperTurtle32

I inner screamed when I saw the author comment.

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 4:57 pm

Posted by Jerdude14487

I could see Panee playing the role as some sort of king.

Maybe if all the kirbies were kids and they were playing "kingdom" or something, I could definitely see Panee playing the role of king.

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 5:41 pm

Posted by 1997Cjones

400 PAGES!
Anyway, the only thing that bothered me (and it didn´t that much) is the way they defeated every boss: waiting for Lindroganti. I don´t even care about passing through the planet, at least show them beating the boss, not asking, though it was unexpected (and in panel time too quick). Anyhow, good chapter, good ending and happy 400 comics!

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 6:58 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010

@Ultimate Yoshi:

So I'm going to explain you why no opportunity was missed, as using said missed opportunity would make me lose other opportunities, and it'd just not work.
I agree that the ability switch thing and Panee's plan could've been split up into different chapters, but the thing is that they're so connected to each other that if I destroyed that connection those two new chapters would have never turn out to be something like this single one was. In the ability switch chapter, I'd either give an easy solution to the problem (simply giving Daisy some time to fix the machine), either come up with a different solution (but then it would be extremely similar to Adding the Venture, more similar than I'd like it to be), either make it seem as impossible as it appeared in this chapter and have to come up with a magical solution, but then I'd not be able to use NOVA here, you know why? In the new Panee's plan chapter, something extremly similar would need to happen, except that they wouldn't change abilities, so it would sound repetitive and strange: why didn't Panee wish to NOVA in the first time? Maybe this sounds confusing, but I don't know, for me that connection was mandatory. The idea of having the kirbies change the abilities came along with Panee's plan, I'd have had trouble separating those two things. Also, as you said, some of the stuff in the chapter only with the ability change would be comedy. I agree it would be really fitting, but I'm terrible with humor, as everyone notices. When I put jokes in the comic I'm always afraid if people will like them or not, and almost always they're references, as I can't come up with news jokes. So, imagine me with that sort of chapter, in that humor would be its base. It would be a disaster, both for me and you all. Me because I'd be always insecure about my jokes, and since I'd use references often you'd get tired of them really quickly. Really, I know the idea would be very good to be explored, but I couldn't do that, not even in character development. It'd just be way too complex to try to develop 20 kirbies in a single chapter. So, I explored the max I could in this chapter: there were some funny moments (like their first reaction to the abilities change and Matt and Natty trying to fly) and some character development, other than Panee (like Grace). So, doing all that was possible but it would've been a pain in the neck and I'd have actually forced myself to change my initial plans for this chapter. So, don't think I wasted an opportunity, it just wouldn't work at all any other way.
Also, Panee couldn't have wished whenever he wanted and by his own because, in my comic, gathering the power of the Dream Springs has sort of a limit time. I mentioned in KatMM that the Milky Way Wishes events didn't happen exactly like the game itself, Kirby had the help of the other kirbies ( ), each one going to a different planet and clearing it while others were doing the same, in another planet. So, they gathered the power of the Dream Springs almost at the same time (just like Lindroganti did here). If that hadn't happened, they wouldn't have been able to gather all of it and summon NOVA, they'd need to do it quickly. I made that limitation so that calling NOVA wouldn't be easy at the point that everyone would be able to call it whenever. So, Panee would never be able to call NOVA by himself.

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 7:43 pm

Posted by MixMagi365

That was a weird last-panel Reference...

Posted at August 10th, 2013, 1:18 pm

Posted by Gigi19972010


If you think it's weird, you probably didn't read the giant author comment which explained said reference...

Posted at August 10th, 2013, 2:32 pm

*Disengages Ultimate Dinosaur and tells Leaf to disengage Lively Leaf*

Posted at August 22nd, 2013, 12:22 pm

Posted by Sudux


Panel 22: Cue DC talk song.

Posted at April 24th, 2018, 6:25 pm

Posted by Sudux


@Gigi19972010: Also, tell your friend she did a really good job on Meta Knight.

Posted at April 24th, 2018, 6:27 pm

Posted by The Red R (Guest)

Poor Panee

Posted at July 31st, 2019, 7:16 pm

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