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About the Comic:

General: "20 Times Kirby!" is a fan sprite Kirby webcomic. It first started on December 14th, 2010, and is still going on. It's currently on its 27th chapter and it's planned to end at the end of 2018 or in 2019.

Legality: The Kirby series and its related assets are propriety of Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. This comic has no affiliation whatsoever with them, nor is official material in any means. This is a comic made by a fan, for other fans, and has no intention of making money nor any kind of profit. You may support the author on her Ko-fi page, but you are under no obligation of doing so and you should do that if you like her original work. If you so wish to support the Kirby franchise, you should buy its licensed products instead.

Author: Its author is "Gigi19972010", mostly known as simply "Gigi". She's a Brazilian young adult, whose second language is English. This is the reason why you may find some grammar mistakes while reading the comic, and that will be addressed further here.

Updates: This comic updates on Wednesday and Sundays, usually close to 11 PM UTC.

Writing: The whole comic is written in English, with some very few lines in Portuguese. Grammar mistakes and typos are common on early pages, and still show up from time to time on later pages, as the author's first language isn't English. In the future, the comic will be revised to remove the most mistakes possible.

Characters: The characters of this comic are, for some part, owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. However, most of the comic's characters are fan characters, most of these being owned by the own author, while others are cameos. The cameos are from Kirby Adventure due to the crossover, the winner of a contest and the participants of another. Yes, these are FAN characters, they were created by FANS and so belong to the fan who created them, no matter if they are tied to another work (in this comic's case, the Kirby series).

Story: The story of the comic is for most part creation of the author. The story of Kirby games are mentioned, but never truly the focus of the comic. One chapter, Inside Out, was partly created by a fan who won a contest once, Alienoid.

Canonicity: Being a fan work, this comic is not canon by any means. It can be considered an unofficial expanded universe, however, since the events of the Kirby games are never the focus nor drastically changed. The canon of the Kirby series is tricky, anyway, so just know that all main Kirby games are part of the comic's canon (or will be in the future), while some spin-offs are too.

Art: The comic is made on Photoshop CS4, using sprites from various games (as detailed next). Some pages are drawn by the author, usually anniversary pages, and one was drawn by one of the author's friends.

Sprites: The sprites used in this comic are mostly from the game "Kirby Super Star Ultra", while some are from "Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land", "Kirby and the Amazing Mirror", "Kirby: Canvas Curse" or "Kirby Squeak Squad". The author doesn't own them in any way, and credit goes to those who made them for the games and those who ripped them from these games. The sprites from games are mostly from the Spriters Resource. Some sprites are edited or custom, either by the author or by others, and credit goes to each people who made these sprites.

Hosting: This comic is hosted by Smack Jeeves Comic Hosting.

Site Design: The original design of the site was coded by Mr Aids, but it has some major edits made by the author.

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